S'hail Falcons Exhibition to Kick Off Tuesday with Wide Arab, Foreign Participations

S'hail Falcons Exhibition to Kick Off Tuesday with Wide Arab, Foreign Participations By A Robin - September 05, 2023
Falcons Exhibition

Falcons Exhibition

The 7th edition of the Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S'hail) is due to kick off on Tuesday at Katara.

Organized by the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara, the event will run until Sept. 9 with the participation of 190 companies hailing from 18 countries and specialized in manufacturing hunting weapons, falconry equipment, camping and vehicles equipped for land trips and sniping.

There will be outstanding participation of miniseries, authorities, and official entities in this event to deliver huge facilitation and premium services.

Being the largest event to be held in the region, the exhibition will have a wide presence globally to be an illumination hub for preserving falconry heritage and a major forum to share knowledge and expertise, in addition to promoting relationship among professional local and international companies.

This huge event offers the best innovations and products that keep up with the evolution in falconry through attracting the state-of-the-art hunting weapons, rifles, and land trips equipment, in addition to showcase a collection of best, high-quality, and rare falcons and fulfill the requirements of falconers.

The 7th edition has dedicated a largest space compared to the one offered to the previous editions to accommodate the exponential numbers of visitors and wide participations of a wide spectrums of most illustrious companies specialized in falconry and camping. The event attracts a substantial number of local, Arab, and international companies amid an outstanding gulf participation.

The exhibition is distributed to three pavilions in Katara. Pavilion A represents the major camp on Wisdom Square, Katara Cultural Village, along with Suhail auction theatre that includes a wide range of rare falcons of the highest quality. The pavilion showcases falconers and land trip equipment, as well as the traditional handcraft associated with hunting and sniping.

Pavilion B embraces all companies specialized in manufacturing weapons and hunting rifles, including Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital, with pavilion C containing a section of modified four-wheel drive cars dedicated to land trips, snipers, and camping equipment, in addition to the bird market.

The organizing committee has dedicated the southern area of Katara to collecting hunting rifles and weapons.

The exhibition abounds with a wide range of exhilarating cultural events accompanying the event, where the stage established in pavilion C will feature a series of daily scientific seminars and poetry recitals moderated by the journalist, Atta Muhammad at 6:30 pm.

The first day is dedicated to a seminar on cures for sick birds to be presented by Dr. Iqdam Majeed from Souq Waqif Hospital, whilst the second day features a seminar on breeding falcons with the participation of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC).

The third day will feature a seminar on the law of acquiring hunting weapons and their safe use presented by a contingent of lecturers, along with a seminar on raising awareness on environment and hunting seasons with the participation of MoECC.

Approximately 12 Qatari, Arab and foreign fine artists will participate in the exhibition to present their creative works to the public through a variety of paintings that reflect falconry atmospheres.


By A Robin - September 05, 2023

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