Several Wounded in a Drone Attack on Saudi Airport, Damages Plane

Several Wounded in a Drone Attack on Saudi Airport, Damages Plane By Qatar Day - August 31, 2021

Saudi air defenses intercepts another Houthi drone targeting Abha International Airport Tuesday morning, injuring 8 people and damaging a civilian plane

The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen has thwarted an explosive-laden drone launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia on Abha, the second attempt on Abha International Airport on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki, spokesman of Arab Coalition said that shrapnel was scattered across the airport when the drones were intercepted, injuring eight people and damaging a civilian plane.

One Bangladeshi expat is in critical condition, while two Indians and another Bangladeshi are in moderate risk. Another 3 expats and one Saudi citizen have sustained minor injuries.

“This hostile, atrocious attempt is the second one to target Abha International Airport and its multinational traveling civilians today in a deliberate, systematic manner,” Al-Maliki said.

“These acts confirm the hostile nature of the militia, and its transgressions against the customary International Humanitarian Law, under which Abha International Airport is considered a Civilian Object protected by the IHL.”

“The Joint Forces Command in the face of these hostile acts and immoral transgressions by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia will continue to implement all necessary operational procedures to neutralize the sources of threats under self-defense and imminent-threat conditions in a manner that protects civilians and civilian objects in accordance to the customary International Humanitarian Law,” Al-Maliki added.

This is the Houthis’ second attack on Abha International Airport in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Bin Abdulrahman Al-Assoumi, condemned the deliberate and systematic targeting of Abha International Airport by the Houthi militia, an attempt successfully intercepted and destroyed by the Coalition forces.

In a statement today, Al-Assoumi affirmed that Houthi militia's attempt targeting Abha International Airport is a cowardly terrorist act against lives of innocent civilians and civilian objects who are being protected by international law, calling for urgent international action to hold Houthi militia accountable in accordance with international humanitarian law for its terrorist acts.

Al-Assoumi stressed that the Houthi militia is implementing the aggressive and subversive Iranian project aiming at destabilizing security and stability in the Arab world.

He expressed the Arab Parliament’s full solidarity with and support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in whatever measures it takes to defend its territories and preserve its security and the safety of its citizens and residents.

Also, Bahrain strongly condemned the launch of two bomb laden UAVs by the Houthi militia on Abha International Airport, describing the terrorist attack a clear violation of international humanitarian law and all international norms.

The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised the vigilance and efficiency of the Saudi air defense forces, which intercepted and destroyed the two UAVs.

It affirmed the firm position of Bahrain supporting Saudi Arabia in all measures that preserve its security and stability and confront hostile acts and attempts carried out by the terrorist Houthi militia targeting Saudi territories.

The ministry called on the international community to condemn such terrorist attacks that target civilian facilities and objects in Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates has also strongly condemned and denounced the terrorist Houthi militias' attempts.

In a statement issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the UAE described targeting the airport as a dangerous escalation and a cowardly act that threatens the security, safety and lives of civilians and passengers, noting it is a war crime that requires taking all necessary measures to protect civilian objects from Houthi threats.

The UAE has renewed its full solidarity with the Kingdom over these subversive terrorist attacks and reiterated its stance against all threats to the Kingdom's security, stability, and the safety of its citizens and residents.

The statement emphasized that the security of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are indivisible, and that any threat facing the Kingdom is considered by the UAE a threat to its security and stability.

Egypt also expressed its strong condemnation of the Houthi militia's attempt to target Abha International airport.

Kuwait too strongly condemned the Houthi militia's continuing attempts to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in a statement, that the continuation of such aggressive practices targeting the security of the Kingdom as well as the stability of the region constitutes a flagrant violation of the international and humanitarian law, a development requiring the international community to act quickly and decisively to deter these threats and hold the perpetrators accountable.

The ministry affirmed Kuwait's full support for Saudi Arabia in all measures it takes to preserve its security, stability and sovereignty.

By Qatar Day - August 31, 2021

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