Seventh Edition of Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S'hail 2023) Inaugurated

Seventh Edition of Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S'hail 2023) Inaugurated By A Robin - September 06, 2023
International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara officially inaugurated the 7th edition of the Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S'hail) 2023 on Tuesday at Katara.

Running until Sept. 9, the exhibition witnessed a wide participation of nearly 200 local, regional, and international companies specialized in weapons, hunting and falconry equipment representing the State of Qatar, along with 18 states from various continents, in addition to the participation of several ministries, authorities and state entities.

Since its inauguration in the early Tuesday morning large number of visitors flocked to the exhibition from inside and outside Qatar to have a glimpse of this new edition.

In his remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA), General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation Katara, head of the organizing committee Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said the local public and brothers from GCC states have been desperately waiting for the launch of this event, adding that he saw the huge numbers of visitors since the early morning, noting the significance of S'hail 2023 which is anchored in the reality of rare falcons showcased in the exhibition which are hatched and spawned in global farms such as Germany, Spain, Scotland and many more.

Al Sulaiti pointed out that the current edition showcases a variety of exhibits for visitors and falconry-loving people which are entirely different from the previous edition, anticipating a huge turnout that would certainly outnumber the 6th edition, because the current edition has a considerable reputation in the region. He revealed that there are many companies from GCC states that are participating in this exhibition, as well as falcon chicks from Morocco.

He confirmed that the event became an economic, cultural and heritage forum globally for hunting and falconry-lovers and a distinguished platform through which ancestors' heritage in falconry and hunting is creatively presented, affirming that since its inception, as an exceptional project, Katara has been keen to revive the heritage and enrich the local and global cultural landscape.

He pointed out that Katara is earnestly continuing its work with unflagging enthusiasm to ensure that it doesn't pivot away from creativity and renewal in combining its mission in a variety of its cultural projects it has been carrying out.

In similar remarks to QNA, Vice Chairman of the organizing committee of the Exhibition Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al Misnad said the signs of the exhibition's success have been emerging since its inauguration by virtue of the huge public turnout whether from inside Qatar or outside, including brothers from GCC states.

He added that the exhibition has not been organized during vacation time, thus falconry and hunting-lovers are racing against time to grasp the new things in S'hail 2023.

Al Misnad said he is glad to see this huge public turnout as an exponential number of people cut five days from their annual leave to ensure that they never miss the opportunity of attending the exhibition, affirming that the event has consolidated its distinguished global status and remained a destination for falconry-lovers from many states around the world.

He said the exhibition harnessed its role as an extremely essential platform to showcase the state-of-the-art weapons, hunting rifles and trips equipment, pointing out that the organizing committee is always keen to showcase the best and new to be offered to the public, including a huge collection of rare falcons.

He added that the exhibition attracts large number of international companies from gulf representing Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, adding that the current edition witnesses the participation of American and European companies, in addition to a host of most important local and pioneering companies. 

Speaking to QNA, Director of S'hail 2023 exhibition, Abdulaziz Al Buhashem Al Sayed, said such huge turnout was anticipated, because of the exhibition's considerable reputation as the first one for Qatari young people who really adore hunting and falconry where they find what they wish in this annual convergence, noting that the exhibition has been constantly evolving since its inception seven years ago as evidenced by the participation of several states and companies.

He added that the event is not a space for selling out falconry-related products, but rather a cultural and artistic space through the seminars and lectures it organizes featuring a host of artists who create with their feathers the aesthetics of falcons and the life and atmosphere of the sniper and document it through their paintings.

He lauded the work of local companies and their global competitiveness in a myriad of fields such as car adjustments.

Member of the supreme committee organizing the event and New Media Department Manager at Katara Malika Al Shraim said the huge public turnout underscores the visitors' keenness to seize the opportunities to get familiarized with everything new, because of the successes achieved by the exhibition in the past years. She pointed out that the design of the event spaces this year is more comfortable than the previous years with an increase of %10 of the total spaces to accommodate large number of visitors.

Al Shraim added that the number of awareness and cultural lectures has been increased and will be organized daily with pavilion C embracing a series of scientific seminars and poetry recitals at 6:30 pm.


By A Robin - September 06, 2023

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