Seabed Cleaning Campaign by UDC Collects 1.7 Tons of Debris at The Pearl Island

Seabed Cleaning Campaign by UDC Collects 1.7 Tons of Debris at The Pearl Island By Sruthi Nair - May 05, 2024
Seabed Cleaning Campaign at The Pearl Island

Seabed Cleaning Campaign at The Pearl Island

United Development Company (UDC), the leading developer behind The Pearl and Gewan Islands, recently led an extensive Seabed Cleaning Campaign at Porto Arabia on The Pearl Island. This initiative, part of UDC's annual efforts to clean the seabed, brought together professional divers and community members for a day dedicated to raising environmental awareness and conserving marine life.


In partnership with both private and public entities, UDC organized the cleaning event as part of its ongoing commitment to promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability. The campaign unfolded as a crucial component of UDC's overarching strategy, demonstrating its dedication to national and global sustainability principles.

The seabed cleanup saw the participation of over 50 professional divers, who collectively removed and showcased 1.7 tons of plastic and metal waste. This visual representation served as a poignant reminder of the importance of maintaining clean waters and preventing pollution.

Meanwhile, more than 250 residents and visitors engaged in various eco-friendly activities such as tree planting, paper recycling, and promoting energy-efficient transportation methods.

All collected waste, including metal, wood, and plastic, underwent proper recycling and repurposing processes to minimize landfill accumulation. The successful event garnered support from a range of organizations, including the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Friends of the Environment Center, Qatar Red Crescent, Qatar Civil Defense, and Kidzania Doha.

The Seabed Cleaning Campaign was part of a broader series of sustainability activities at The Pearl Island, coinciding with Qatar Sustainability Week, during which The Pearl Island introduced its new Collec'Thor Sea Cleaners. UDC's proactive involvement in marine preservation underscores its dedication to maintaining a vibrant marine ecosystem and fostering a healthier environment.

By promoting awareness and actively engaging in sustainable practices, UDC continues to contribute to Qatar's broader sustainability objectives and the preservation of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems.



By Sruthi Nair - May 05, 2024

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