Saudi Arabia's Jabal Al Lawz transforms into winter wonderland with historic snowfall

Saudi Arabia's Jabal Al Lawz transforms into winter wonderland with historic snowfall By A Robin - January 03, 2024


Saudi Arabia has seen snowfall and hail in the famous Jabal Al Lawz (Almond Mountain) region in Tabuk, northern Saudi Arabia. Renowned for its annual snow cover, Jabal Al Lawz presented a stunning winter landscape, captivating both residents and visitors alike.

Photographer Mushir Al Balawi, known as 'Marshall', captured breathtaking images of the snow-laden Almond Mountains, sparking widespread enthusiasm among people eager to experience and enjoy the snowy environment. These images have been widely shared on social media, showcasing the extraordinary weather event.

Residents of Tabuk flocked to the Almond Mountains to relish the snowfall, which transformed the landscape into a picturesque winter wonderland. The mountain, standing at 2,580 meters above sea level, is part of the Hasma region's high mountain ranges and is a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts, especially during the winter season.

Additionally, the city of Buraidah experienced an unusual hailstorm, leading to an accumulation of hail on its streets. The phenomena caused significant excitement among the locals, with many taking to the streets to capture and share the rare occurrence on social media. The Kingdom is currently experiencing a spell of heavy rain accompanied by hail in some areas.

Snowfall, although rare in Saudi Arabia, occurs annually during the winter season in some mountainous regions. Meanwhile, other cities across the Kingdom have been experiencing light to moderate rainfall over the past days.

By A Robin - January 03, 2024

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