Saudi Arabia: Worshippers advised to wear facemasks at Islam’s holiest mosques

Saudi Arabia: Worshippers advised to wear facemasks at Islam’s holiest mosques By A Robin - March 17, 2024
Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

As Ramadan, the sacred month for Muslims, approaches its peak, Saudi authorities have emphasized the importance of wearing facemasks for worshippers visiting Islam's most revered sites, the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina.

The Public Security Directorate of the kingdom urged worshippers to wear masks while visiting these sites and their courtyards, citing the protection they offer against infectious diseases, both for the wearer and others.

During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide typically converge on the Grand Mosque for Umrah, the minor pilgrimage, and prayers, prompting Saudi authorities to implement various measures to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for worshippers.

Specific areas within the mosques, including the courtyard housing the Holy Kaaba, are designated for Umrah pilgrims, with certain gates allocated for their entry and exit to prevent overcrowding.

To manage traffic flow, buses carrying worshippers are directed to designated parking areas instead of entering the mosque precincts directly.

After completing Umrah, many pilgrims proceed to Medina to offer prayers at the Prophet's Mosque and explore other Islamic landmarks in the city.

Authorities overseeing the Prophet's Mosque have assured their readiness to accommodate the large influx of worshippers during Ramadan.

An estimated 8.5 million Iftar meals will be distributed to worshippers, marking the end of their daily fasts during Ramadan, while 2.5 million bottles of Zamzam water, considered blessed, will be provided to worshippers at the mosque throughout the lunar month, known for its heightened devotion and worship.

By A Robin - March 17, 2024

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