Saudi Arabia readies 7,000km of roads in preparation for Hajj

Saudi Arabia readies 7,000km of roads in preparation for Hajj By A Robin - June 04, 2023
Saudi Arabia Roads

Saudi Arabia Roads

In preparation for the upcoming Hajj, Saudi Arabia’s Roads General Authority has completed safety and maintenance measures to ensure the readiness of the kingdom’s extensive road network.

The Kingdom boasts a significant road infrastructure, ranked first worldwide in terms of road network connectivity according to the World Bank. This network plays a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of Hajj pilgrims and improving the interconnectivity of the holy sites.

During the recent months, the authority has undertaken maintenance works on more than 7,000km of roads, deploying cutting-edge technologies and surveying the routes to the holy sites from 11 border ports.

These efforts included removing over 40,000 cubic meters of sand dunes on roadsides.

In addition to these maintenance works, the authority has installed concrete and metal barriers along 9,000km of roads and repainted road surfaces on about 600km of these routes.

They have also installed over 2,400 safety and warning signs and paved 5,000km of roads leading to the holy sites.

To further ensure the safety and smooth travel of the Hajj pilgrims, more than 300 monitors have been deployed on these roads. Numerous field and emergency teams have also been stationed across the road network, available on a 24/7 basis.

By A Robin - June 04, 2023

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