Saudi Arabia: Drones set for medical stint in Hajj

Saudi Arabia: Drones set for medical stint in Hajj By A Robin - March 17, 2024
Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

During this year's Hajj pilgrimage season, Saudi health authorities have opted to employ drones for blood transfusion, a move reported by Akhbar24. Drones will transport blood units and lab samples among hospitals in the Mina valley and Arafat, where the pilgrimage peaks.

A successful trial conducted with the Saudi Post late last year paved the way for this initiative, aimed at enhancing health services for pilgrims and managing emergencies efficiently. The use of drones reduces blood transport time from two and a half hours to just two minutes, significantly improving response times.

With nearly 2 million pilgrims expected, Saudi Arabia has announced rules for the upcoming Hajj season, emphasizing early preparations. According to Saudi Minister of Hajj Tawfiq Al Rabiah, specific places will no longer be allocated to countries at the holy sites, with designations dependent on finalized contracts.

This new approach aims to streamline Hajj preparations, an obligatory Islamic duty for Muslims who can afford it physically and financially.

By A Robin - March 17, 2024

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