Saudi and Kuwaiti Visitors Lead Arrivals in Qatar During Eid Al Adha

Saudi and Kuwaiti Visitors Lead Arrivals in Qatar During Eid Al Adha By Sruthi Nair - June 23, 2024
Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif

Eid Al Adha provides a wonderful opportunity for citizens, residents, and tourists in Qatar to engage in lively events, enjoy special deals, and partake in exciting activities. This festive atmosphere attracts numerous visitors from GCC countries.

This year, there was a notable increase in visitors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates during Eid Al Adha, with Saudi nationals representing the largest group.

Ali Thabet, a tourism and marketing expert, told The Peninsula, “During Eid Al Adha holidays, we noticed a rise in the number of visitors to Qatar, particularly from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, with Saudis being the largest group. This is evident from the high hotel occupancy rates in Doha and the influx of vehicles through the Salwa border crossing.

"This growth in GCC visitors can be attributed to Qatar's advanced tourism infrastructure and the efforts of Qatar Tourism."

Regarding the travel patterns of Qataris and residents during Eid Al Adha, Thabet noted, “Many people took short trips during Eid, but most plan to travel after Eid to avoid crowds and high ticket prices. Popular destinations included Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Türkiye, and some even went to London."

“After Eid, the planning for long summer vacations begins, with Britain, European countries, and the USA being popular choices. London remains a top destination for Qatari tourists, along with Türkiye, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland."

Thabet also mentioned that many residents travel to their home countries during summer vacations.

Discussing Qatar's tourism landscape, Thabet highlighted, “Qatar hosts events year-round, and recently, the country has introduced air conditioning at outdoor tourist sites, allowing visitors to enjoy them even in high temperatures."

He emphasized that Qatar is on track to achieve its National Vision 2030 by increasing the number of visitors and boosting tourism’s contribution to the GDP to 12%.

Khaled Lakmoush, General Manager at Al Muftah Travel, commented, “During Eid Al Adha, most visitors came from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, while Qataris and residents primarily traveled to Thailand, the UAE, and Türkiye."

Lakmoush added that the UK, Thailand, Maldives, Russia, and Türkiye are favored destinations for Qataris and residents. “Banana Island, Hilton Salwa Resort, Lusail, Katara, Msheireb, and West Walk are key attractions for foreign tourists.

“Qatar’s tourism is influenced by festive events, entertainment, and sports activities. Weather also plays a role."

He noted that most tourists plan their trips to Qatar during winter, but during summer vacations, many visitors are relatives of Qatar residents.

Qatar's travel and tourism sector is projected to contribute QR90.8bn to the economy this year, making up 11.3% of the nation's total output, according to a recent report. The sector is expected to create over 334,500 jobs, accounting for 15.8% of the workforce, as per the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2024 Economic Impact Research.

In 2023, the sector’s GDP contribution increased by 31%, reaching a record QR81.2bn, which represents 10.3% of Qatar’s total economic output.

Qatar is quickly emerging as one of the world's most captivating travel destinations, offering a unique blend of rich Arabian heritage and modern amenities.


Source: The Peninsula Qatar

By Sruthi Nair - June 23, 2024
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