Renewable Energy Ukraine for Investors

Renewable Energy Ukraine for Investors By Shahbaz Ahmed - October 01, 2021
Renewable Energy Ukraine for Investors

Renewable Energy Ukraine for Investors

Awareness about environmental pollution, its causes, and hazardous effects has significantly increased over the past few years. This has led governments to pay serious attention to it. Most countries have recognized that use of non-renewable energy sources, mainly fossil fuels, is the prime cause of the deteriorating environment. Therefore, the governments have taken initiatives and made policies to reduce the use of fossil fuels and meet their energy needs by using alternative, i.e., renewable energy sources. Ukraine is among the many countries that are striving towards the aim of making renewable energy. It has the potential to do so. A number of projects are also on the way to completion. Such potential and start-ups attract investors, both locals and foreigners.  


Along with the renewable energy sector, Ukraine provides several other opportunities to investors. You can also start your own company and build an enterprise in Ukraine. You can also invest in a number of excelling industries.


Why Invest in Ukraine’s Renewable Energy Sector?

The renewable energy sector of Ukraine is advancing rapidly. It provides safe and profitable opportunities for investment.


Potential to Develop Renewable Energy Sector

Ukraine has substantial potential to develop its renewable energy sphere. The country has above-average wind speeds. It has exceptional solar irradiation. In addition, Ukraine has a growing agricultural sector. Therefore, it also has an increasing amount of agricultural waste. This waste can be utilized in the production of biomass energy.


Legislative Initiatives

 Along with having numerous and favourable renewable energy sources, it has a government adamant in producing renewable energy. In recent years, the government has developed and adopted several critical legislative initiatives to increase energy production via the use of renewable energy sources. Consequently, the country has developed the Ukraine Energy Strategy. Its goal is to increase renewable energy production such that by 2035, 25% of its total energy comes from renewable. Such plans and initiatives have played a significant role in developing and advancing the renewable energy sector. They also attract investors and provide favourable conditions for investment.  


Solar and Wind Energy

The Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Kherson, and Dnipro regions of Ukraine have the best wind resources and highest solar irradiations. As a result, about 66% of all renewable energy is generated in these regions. Therefore, these regions are up-and-coming for the further production of renewable energy. 


Bio and Geothermal Energy

Ukraine’s farming sector is quickly developing. This sector is relied upon to provide abundant agricultural and forestry waste, the prime biomass energy sources. The country also has thermogeological relief features which offer the potential to develop geothermal energy.


Green Tariff

The green tariff is an incentive that allows renewable energy producers to sell the energy to the government at green tariff rates. It is offered to foreign investors that are working in the renewable energy market in Ukraine. It is very beneficial and profitable for the investors. The investors consider it to be desirable and favourable. The green tariff rates are linked to the euro currency. They are not dependent on the Ukrainian currency. This protects the investors from the changing stability of the Ukrainian currency. Another attractive trait of the Ukrainian green tariffs is that their rates are among the highest in Europe. In recent years, the Ukrainian government found the green tariff rates to be burdensome. The state was affected financially. They discussed decreasing the rates. Although the current rates are not as much as they were in the past, they still attract investors.


By Shahbaz Ahmed - October 01, 2021

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