Registration for Winter Camping season to start from October 16

Registration for Winter Camping season to start from October 16 By A Robin - October 01, 2022
Winter Camping

Winter Camping

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has announced the opening of the registration door for winter camping season 2022-2023 across the entire regions of the State of Qatar during Oct. 16-27, 2022, in three separate phases, where the registration for the southern regions (Sealine Beach & Khor Al Adaid) will start from Oct. 16 to 19, 2022, while registration for the central regions will be from Oct. 20 to 23, and in the northern regions, the registration will be from Oct. 24 to 27.

In a press conference held Thursday on this occasion, the ministry clarified that the registration process will be through MOECC official website, or (Oun) smart phone application provided that the payment of fees shall be initiated from the date of approving the application electronically, adding that clearance applicant is entitled to abort the camping application within ten days from the date of paying the fees, affirming that the camping activity will start in the north and eastern regions of the State of Qatar from November 1, 2022, until April 1, 2023, while camping in the southern regions of Sealine Beach & Khor Al Adaid has been adjourned to Dec. 20,2022, provided that the camping duration there shall be extended to May 20, 2023, in full commitment from the ministry to offer the best quality of services for the campers and ensure that they are not affected by this adjournment.

Assistant Director of the Department of Natural Reserves at MOECC Salem Hussein Al Safran noted that camping activity in Sealine Beach & Khor Al Adaid has been delayed beyond FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in order to hold heritage and recreational events that introduce the Qatari culture and the unique environment the country embraces to the visitors during this tournament, pointing out that designated areas for families and others will be established in Sealine Beach, including the areas that will be used to introduce the wildlife, natural reserves and wild animals to the visitors.

Assistant Director of the Department of Natural Reserves stressed the importance of adherence to the determined coordinates in the camping activity, including the distance between the camps, ranches, farms and villages with the distance of 300 meter, or as per suitable requirements the relevant entity deems appropriate, in addition to adhering to distance of no less than 100 meters from meadows and valleys, and to be on high ground, while staying away from government and service facilities and oil and gas pipelines, with a distance of no less than 500 meters or as the competent authority deems appropriate.

For his part, Director of the Public Relations Department at MoECC Farhoud Hadi al-Hajri confirmed the ministry's keenness to have a successful camping season this year, pointing out that MOECC has signed an agreement with Qatar University to evaluate the impact of camps on environment in terms of social and environmental aspects, indicating that such a study addresses the adverse impact of camps on land animals, plants, shores, wastes and drainage, calling on all campers and land visitors to preserve the environment and conserve its natural resources through utilizing the alternative and eco-friendly energy, in addition to cultivating the plants and trees, safeguarding the camping sites and adhering to the regulations and conditions that were set with respect to camping, including adherence to the determined coordinates for the camp and distances between them, ranches, farms and villages in full commitment to preserve the wildlife, including meadows, plants, wild animals, coasts and beaches, and migratory birds, during the camping season.


By A Robin - October 01, 2022

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