Recent sci-fi podcast 'Necessary Tomorrows' presents promising visions of the future

Recent sci-fi podcast 'Necessary Tomorrows' presents promising visions of the future By Fathimath Nasli - January 10, 2024
Recent Science fiction podcast Necessary Tomorrows presents promising visions of the future

Necessary Tomorrows Podcast Envisions Hopeful Futures through Sci-Fi

"Necessary Tomorrows," a podcast by Qatar Foundation's Doha Debates, blends science fiction and reality to envision optimistic futures. Launched on January 8, the series is a collaboration with Imposter Media and Wolf at the Door Studios and is presented by Al Jazeera Podcasts.

The podcast explores potential futures crafted by acclaimed authors, featuring scenarios where animals possess human rights, outer space bans capitalism, and artificial intelligence becomes a form of kin. The format includes sci-fi dramas set in the 2060s and creative nonfiction narratives highlighting present-day activists, scientists, and researchers transforming possibilities into realities.

Hosted by "Ursula," an AI instructor from 2065, the podcast incorporates readings by actor Nacia Walsh and AI software trained on her voice. The music is a collaboration between composer David Parfit and OpenAI Jukebox, an AI system for creating melodies. Brett Gaylor, a Peabody-winning documentarian, directs the series and produces for Imposter Media.

Rather than portraying dystopian futures, the series aims to explore what it would take for the world not to end, fostering hope. Renowned authors Christopher Brown, Deji Bryce Olukotun, and Quelemia Sparrow contribute to the episodes.

Christopher Brown, a Philip K. Dick and World Fantasy Award-nominated author, has written sci-fi novels like "Tropic of Kansas," "Rule of Capture," and "Failed State." Deji Bryce Olukotun, known for the Afro-futurist thriller "Nigerians in Space" and "After the Flare," is a Philip K. Dick special citation winner.

Playwright and actor Quelemia Sparrow, a member of the Musqueam Nation, has collaborated with various theater and television companies.

Executive producers for Doha Debates include Managing Director Amjad Atallah, Deputy Managing Director Jigar Mehta, Director of Innovation Japhet Weeks, and Executive Producer of Digital Katrine Dermody. Managing Director Winnie Kemp oversees executive production for Wolf at the Door Studios.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 10, 2024

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