Rare Falcons Draw Large Crowd As Katara launches S'hail 2022 Exhibition

Rare Falcons Draw Large Crowd As Katara launches S'hail 2022 Exhibition By A Robin - September 06, 2022
International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) has launched on Monday the 6th edition of Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S'hail 2022) that will continue until Sep. 10, 2022.

The exhibition has received large attendance and wide participation from 180 local, regional and international companies specialized in hunting refiles, falconry and journey equipment representing the State of Qatar along with 20 countries from various continents, in addition to the participation of several ministries, authorities and official entities that maintain their prominent attendance profile through the substantial facilitations, premium and paradigm services offered by them.

Since the early hours of its inauguration, the exhibition received large attendance into the venue of the event.

In his statements on this occasion, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the 6th edition of S'hail 2022 and General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti emphasized that the 6th edition of S'hail 2022 is a solid indication of the maturity of the vision on which S'hail 2022 is based from the outset to further achieve the promising targets in converting S'hail 2022 into vital global, economic, cultural and heritage forum for those interested in hunting and sniping, adding that the event is also a unique platform through the authentic ancestral heritage in the field of hunting and falconry in an innovative and diverse way.

Dr. Al Sulaiti pointed out that the efforts exerted in making success for the past editions of S'hail 2022 had substantial echoes in the 6th edition, which have evidently underscored the crucial participation of local, regional and international companies, including a wide spectrum of audience, adding that Katara is committed to making the 6th edition exceptional at all levels, not only in terms of organizational and logistic aspects, but with respect to upgrading and developing its contests, events and activities to include other numerous surprises.

Dr. Al Sulaiti underlined that, since its inception as an exceptional cultural project, Katara has vowed to revive the heritage and enrich the local, regional and international cultural scene, noting that Katara continues to assiduously work to ensure that it does not divert from the line of innovation and renewal in combining its mission into various cultural projects on which the cultural village is operating, including S'hail 2022 as the most prominent one.

For his part, Vice-Chairperson of the S'hail Organizing Committee Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al Misnad said in his statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the exhibition has promoted and consolidated its global posture and remained a destination for those interested in falconry, hunting and heritage from various countries around the globe.

He stressed the organizing committee's keenness to ensure showcasing the best, premium and new items to be offered to the audience, in addition to displaying a large collection of rare falcons of high quality and skill in hunting and sniping, clarifying that S'hail 2022 has been witnessing an increase in the area of the venue compared to the past year, to accommodate the increasing numbers of audience and the wide participation of the most prominent companies specialized in falconry and encamping at the local and global levels.

The 6th edition polarizes substantial number of international companies forming 54 percent of the number of the participating entities in this exhibition, with Gulf companies coming at the forefront from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, Al Misnad added, pointing out the distinguished participation from US and EU companies in S'hail 2022, in addition to the participation of the most important local and pioneering companies. 

In turn, Secretary and Exhibition Manager of the Organizing Committee Abdelaziz Al Bohashem Al Sayed said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that this year's exhibition is exceptional by all standards in the number of companies, participating countries, the diversity it offers in the weapons and cars pavilions and their modification to suit the sniper, in addition to the jewel of the exhibition and the falcon auction.

He noted that the S'hail 2022 exhibition is not a space for selling products related to hunting, falcons and supplies and equipment for trips, but rather a cultural and artistic space, through seminars and lectures it organizes, and artists who portray the falcons and the life and atmosphere of the hunter through their paintings.

Al Sayed praised what local companies and their global competition offer in a number of fields, especially car modification, which shows the youth's passion and ambition.

S'hail 2022 celebrates pioneers of falconry and those interested in hunting. The exhibition is divided into five areas, the main tent that occupies Hekma Square, where sniper supplies and equipment for hunting trips, traditional industries, and handicrafts associated with hunting are displayed, in addition to the S'hail auction, which includes the rarest types of falcons, and a hall for weapons companies.

The third hall is dedicated to bird farms and companies for equipping four-wheel drive cars for land and hunting trips, while the outdoor area displays the most luxurious types of touring caravans used for trips and camps, and the fifth hall, located on the southern side of Katara, was dedicated to receiving hunting weapons, rifles and ammunition, to avoid to facilitate the public to complete all required procedures.

The Organizing Committee of the S'hail 2022 Exhibition is organizing a series of competitions including the most beautiful pavilion, and the most beautiful burqa, in addition to new trips cooking competition dedicated to hunters, and offering a bouquet of cuisines and the food that is prepared daily from game meat, which is provided by Mughal restaurant to visitors of the exhibition daily.


By A Robin - September 06, 2022

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