QU Hosts Press Conference to Announce International Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural

QU Hosts Press Conference to Announce International Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural By A Robin - April 23, 2024
Qatar University

Qatar University

The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University (QU) hosts a press conference to announce the Economic, Social and Cultural Transformation for Sustainable Development Conference to be held this week 24-25 April, 2024.

This conference envisions bringing together experts, scholars, policymakers, industry leaders, and community stakeholders to discuss the intricate challenges and opportunities of SDGs inherent in the region. Within the interconnected nature of economic, social, and cultural dynamics, the conference aims to foster knowledge exchange, display best practices, and generate actionable insights.

Director of the Social & Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) Prof. Kaltham Ali Al Ghanim said during the press conference, "Through this conference, we seek to exchange knowledge to build flexible and adaptable communities to various challenges and transformations, to promote general stability, achieve social justice and basic services, and find suitable implementable solutions through a shared developmental roadmap that ensures international cooperation and strong partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society." She adds, "Through the participation of youth, local communities, and active participants, we hope to enrich this conference by hosting global and local developmental experts to issue recommendations to enhance integration and strengthen common efforts towards achieving the SDGs by highlighting the most important challenges, especially educational, economic, and cultural. The conference will conclude by disseminating recommendations in a comprehensive report contributing to guiding policies and initiatives aimed at implementing the SDGS and development in local communities. We look forward to building a successful community contributing to building a more sustainable and prosperous future for our region." Attendees at the conference will present, discuss and inspire other academic institutions, experts, as well as policy makers, businesses and youth, to achieve the SDGs.

The report will be published in digital format and widely shared through SESRI and QU website and social media platforms, to serve as a guidance for individuals and institutions alike to inspire their programs and initiatives.

Additionally, this report will serve as a significant reference for academic research, capturing the core themes of the conference and the insights that arise from them.

SESRI will make every effort to embrace a wide range of viewpoints, ensuring that the conference is enriched by the contributions of scholars and experts from various SDGs disciplines. Through this conference, SESRI aims to create a collaborative environment that values diversity and facilitates meaningful exchanges and discussions that reflect the multifaceted nature of economic, social, and cultural transformations in the region.


By A Robin - April 23, 2024

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