QRCS Supports Primary Health Care, Reproductive Health Services in Somalia

QRCS Supports Primary Health Care, Reproductive Health Services in Somalia By A Robin - April 26, 2022


The representation office of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Somalia is carrying out a project to operate two primary health care and reproductive health centers in Baidoa and Balaad, Middle Shabelle Region, southeastern Somalia.

Serving a population of up to 40,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees, the project has a total budget of QR 418,325.

The one-year project is aimed at improving public health and reducing mortality and morbidity rates in the target areas, as well as the neighboring districts. By securing medical staff, supplies, and solutions, the two health facilities are able to offer reproductive health and primary health care services free of charge to the poor patients in those areas.

The activities executed so far have included a field survey to identify the health centers most requiring support, in coordination with Somalias Ministry of Health (MOH). Based on the findings of field assessment and needs assessment, the Baidoa Health Center and Balaad Reproductive Health Center were selected.

Actual work in the Baidoa Health Center began early in December, after all procedures were completed. The services provided by the health facilities include primary health care (clinical examinations, medications, etc.), reproductive health (obstetrics and maternal and child health), minor operations (wound disinfection and simple suturing), and follow-up with chronic diseases.


By A Robin - April 26, 2022

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