QRCS Opens Humanity First Residential Village in Northern Syria

QRCS Opens Humanity First Residential Village in Northern Syria By A Robin - May 29, 2024


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) inaugurated today morning the "Humanity First" residential village in northern Syria.

In his remarks, QRCS' Director of Relief and International Programs Division, Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, said: "The opening of this village today is a message of hope and a meaningful contribution by the government and people of Qatar for the people of Syria and other affected people all over the world. I hope it will be an example to be followed in other similar projects that help alleviate the suffering of IDPs living difficult humanitarian conditions.

"This village is one of the residential villages being implemented by QRCS, under its development strategy adopted in 2015, which transforms from makeshift tents to sustainable homes that preserve peoples dignity and lives.

"The new village comprises 1,136 apartments, with the basic supplies needed by displaced families to become safer and warmer".

He thanked everyone who contributed to this project, notably the benevolent donors of Qatar, leaders of Turkeys Gaziantep, AFAD, and QRCSs team in Turkiye and northern Syria.

Since 2015, QRCS has been working on residential villages and alternative shelter projects in northern Syria, which helped make a big difference in the lives of IDPs living at tent. It has completed 13 residential villages, with a total of 3,672 apartments and integrated infrastructure, such as water supply, electricity, sewage, roads, gardens, mosque, school, clinic, and shops.

During 2023, four residential villages were handed over to the families, and this year, the 30-home Katara Residential Village was complete. Now, there are two new 600-apartment village construction projects are in progress, with more than 22,000 expected beneficiaries. Also approximately 7,000 jobs were created for construction workers.


By A Robin - May 29, 2024

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