QRCS Distributed 1,500 Hygiene Kits to Workers

QRCS Distributed 1,500 Hygiene Kits to Workers By Aulia Silva - December 05, 2022
QRCS Distributed 1500 Hygiene Kits to Workers

QRCS Distributing 1500 Hygiene Kits to Workers

Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) Volunteering and Local Development Division distributed today morning 1,500 hygiene kits as in-kind gifts to workers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalitys Mechanical Equipment Department, the Ministry of Labor (MOL), and the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

These distributions are part of the Your Health Is a Priority initiative, under the Stand Together workers welfare program. It aims at promoting health awareness among workers, enhancing their social integration, and urging them to maintain personal hygiene at all times.

This is one of the humanitarian and awareness-raising initiatives implemented by QRCS during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in recognition of the tremendous efforts made by expatriate workers to contribute to the construction of the country.

Muna Fadel Al-Sulaiti, Director of Volunteering and Local Development Division at QRCS, praised the partnership with MOL, the Ministry of Municipality, and Ashghal. "They are key partners in our projects and initiatives in favor of workers," she said. "Through its humanitarian projects, QRCS seeks to promote a spirit of social solidarity, take care of the workers who build the country, and show gratitude for their great dedication".

Al-Sulaiti added, "This multilateral initiative is a joint humanitarian move to encourage workers to pay attention to their personal hygiene and sanitization, which will pay off for themselves and for society as a whole. Expatriate workers are a top priority on our local development agenda, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, which required everyone to continue to observe preventive measures. It is our duty as a humanitarian and development organization to spread awareness among the public, reach out to vulnerable groups, and advise them to practice personal hygiene, as a major protection against diseases, particularly among the crowds".

Noora Issa Al-Fadala, Head of Community Development at QRCS, stated, "This humanitarian initiative embodies QRCSs social responsibility strategy and builds closer relations with NGOs and vulnerable groups. It is one of many social care services provided by QRCS for workers throughout the year, under its Stand Together development program, which has significant and long-term health, social, and psychological impacts on the beneficiaries".

Stand Together is a social and humanitarian program designed to help workers in Qatar, better their lifestyle, and make them more socially integrated. To that end, QRCS has a wide range of welfare initiatives to meet the basic needs of workers, which will reflect on their performance and social harmony.


By Aulia Silva - December 05, 2022

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