QRCS Calls Upon Medical Professionals to Volunteer for Gaza

QRCS Calls Upon Medical Professionals to Volunteer for Gaza By A Robin - November 08, 2023


Under the slogan "Lifeline of Dignity and Life for Gaza," Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a new initiative to support the Palestinian people, by inviting medical professionals in and out of Qatar to volunteer to provide emergency health care for patients and injured people in Gaza.

Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Director of Relief and International Development Division at QRCS, commented, "Inspired by the ideals of humanitarian solidarity and medical duty, QRCS calls upon medical professionals in Qatar and all over the world to join the medical teams that would be deployed to Gaza to back the health sector in various vital medical specializations, such as orthopedics, general surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, and nursing".

Dr. Ibrahim noted that the goals of these volunteering medical teams are to examine and treat thousands of patients who need critical medical interventions, perform major surgeries that require expertise and advanced medical equipment, and train the local medical personnel of Palestinian hospitals.

He emphasized the importance of this support for Palestine's medical sector, as the medical personnel had been overloaded with nonstop work for over a month, despite the bombing of medical facilities.

According to him, QRCS will also secure necessary medical consumables and equipment for local hospitals, which have severe shortages in medicines and medical supplies.

"Within just 48 hours of its launch, the initiative attracted more than 700 volunteer medical professionals in different specializations, both from Qatar and beyond," Dr. Ibrahim revealed. "All medical professionals are invited to contribute to such noble humanitarian efforts and provide medical care for those in need in the blockade".

Earlier this year, QRCS implemented a similar volunteering initiative to engage medical teams in the emergency response to the Syria-Turkey earthquake. QRCS has a strategic program of medical convoys and relief camps in many disaster-affected parts of the world, including Yemen, Sudan, Gaza, Bangladesh, Somalia, and other countries with failing health systems and growing needs for life-saving medical services.

QRCS has 44 doctors working in Palestine's public hospitals, thanks to its program to develop surgical services in Gaza through recruitment and training. Those doctors received their postgraduate specialization studies under the Amiri Medical Scholarships program, implemented by QRCS since 2003, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Palestine's Ministry of Health.


By A Robin - November 08, 2023

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