QOA Wraps 'Psychological Preparation of the Athletes' Training Course

QOA Wraps 'Psychological Preparation of the Athletes' Training Course By A Robin - May 11, 2024
Qatar Olympic Academy

Qatar Olympic Academy

The Qatar Olympic Academy (QOA) on Thursday wrapped up the 'Psychological Preparation of the Athletes' training course, which started on May, 5 with the participation of over 30 attendees from Qatar and outside.

Those trainees came from several sports, administrative and technical disciplines, including players, coaches, administrators, therapists and physical education teachers, in addition to many prominent former local and international athletes.

The 'Psychological Preparation of the Athletes' course is considered an important starting point for organizing a number of upcoming courses in the field of sports psychology that are more specialized and in-depth, as it paved the way for students to delve deeper into this field of science to move toward more specialized courses.

The training course was delivered by the Deputy Director of Aspire Academy School Dr. Issa Abdullah Al Moslimani who held many positions in this field, whether with sports federations or clubs.

Al Moslimani stressed the importance of psychological strength for athletes, indicating that the science of sports training in the modern era depends on scientific foundations that achieve comprehensive growth of the various elements of preparation, whether physical, skillful, tactical, or psychological, to reach the highest sporting levels.


By A Robin - May 11, 2024

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