QFFD Signs Agreement to Support Education in Primary Schools in the Gambia

QFFD Signs Agreement to Support Education in Primary Schools in the Gambia By A Robin - September 24, 2022


Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), in collaboration with the strategic partner Education Above All Foundation (EAA), signed an agreement with the Republic of the Gambia on the margins of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

According to QFFD's statement, this agreement focusses on opportunities to offer quality education within primary schools for out of school children, through the "Zero Out-of-School Children in The Gambia" project, aiming to enable access to education in primary schools for more than 66 thousand out of school children.

The Zero Out-of-School Children in The Gambia project will ensure that all children of primary school ages will get back to formal education at the right age and level. This goal will be achieved through several outcomes. First, enhancing parents and community capacity to support the enrollment of OOSC. Second, strengthening the quality of education. Third, strengthening national and sub-national education management and planning systems strengthened. Lastly, expanding alternative learning programs to offer options for OOSC.

"The agreement in cooperation with our strategic partner Education Above All, plays a significant role to support education and secure a decent life, achieving SDG 4 of the sustainable development goals,. At Qatar Fund for Development, one of our visions is that supporting education is one of the key elements of human development and the right path to flourish countries and societies . That will offer children with the tools to be positive members of their society. Qatar Fund for Development is proud to be part of the development for qualitative education in Gambia ." said HE Director-General of QFFD Khalifa Al Kuwari.

EAA Fahad Al Sulaiti's CEO said, "Primary education is the foundation upon which all levels of education and future opportunities are built. We are working to empower children, communities, and nations to improve their social and economic prosperity by ensuring access to quality, primary education. We look forward to working with QFFD, our implementing partners, The Gambia on this project and to build a better future."


By A Robin - September 24, 2022

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