QFFD Contributes $8 Million to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

QFFD Contributes $8 Million to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees By A Robin - May 01, 2024
Qatar Fund

Qatar Fund

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) signed today a multi-year agreement worth $8 million in flexible funding to support UNHCRs global humanitarian response, particularly in emergency situations and underfunded or neglected displacement crises.

The agreement was signed by QFFD Deputy Director General for Development Projects Sultan Ahmed Al Aseeri and UNHCR Representative to the State of Qatar Ahmed Mohsen at the QFFD offices in Doha.

Al Aseeri said: "Qatar Fund for Development is dedicated to making a tangible impact in the lives of refugees and internally displaced people across the globe. Through our partnership with UNHCR, we aim to address their increasing humanitarian needs, in addition to the communities hosting them. This agreement is a testament to our shared values and commitment to ensuring that essential rights are met for all refugees." For his part, Ahmed Mohsen welcomed the agreement, and remarked that the "generous contribution from QFFD is a cornerstone of support for UNHCRs mission. It allows us to be agile and responsive in unforeseen emergencies and sustain efforts in protracted situations that may receive less media attention but are equally critical. Our partnership with the State of Qatar reflects a shared understanding of the complexity and unpredictability of humanitarian challenges we face today." Flexible funding is the most important type of funding UNHCR can receive. It enables UNHCR to provide emergency assistance swiftly and effectively and ensuring a timely response to the evolving needs of more than 114 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. It contributes to the mission of UNHCR as a whole and is a way of showing solidarity with forcibly displaced and stateless people, especially those caught up in emergencies or in forgotten and neglected crises.

The State of Qatars commitment to humanitarian causes has played a pivotal role in UNHCRs efforts to support displaced persons globally.


By A Robin - May 01, 2024

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