QF Organizes Series of Events to Raise Awareness on Autism

QF Organizes Series of Events to Raise Awareness on Autism By A Robin - May 05, 2024
 Awareness on Autism

Awareness on Autism

Qatar Foundation has celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by hosting a series of community-focused activities and events.

A collaborative effort among Qatar Foundations (QF) Pre-University Education entities Renad Academy, Awsaj Academy, The Learning Center, and Ability Friendly Program, the events included educational programs, family-oriented activities, workshops, performances, and discussions, all held at Education City.

The activities, which focused on people with autism and their families, ensured that everyone including the community could participate and enjoy the experience. These initiatives underscore QF's commitment to inclusivity and its dedication to creating an environment that promotes an understanding within the community of people with autism.

One highlight was the annual Autism Awareness Family Fun Day at Al Shaqab, a member of QF, which was attended by Talal Mohammed Al Ali, the father of an autistic child at Renad Academy. He said: "I attended this event because I want to actively contribute to our community, particularly in enhancing autism awareness.

"It is necessary to involve children with autism in social activities supported by experts, as this promotes their development and social skills far beyond what is possible by remaining isolated at home on electronic devices," Al Ali expressed his appreciation for the variety of activities that were organized, and emphasized that true social integration requires parental participation and commitment to these events. Noting that they significantly improve understanding of autism, he hopes that the awareness raised will extend beyond just a day or a month, and strongly urged everyone in society to take part.

"By making sure these events are inclusive of all community members, we not only benefit as guardians but also have the opportunity to educate others," he said. "Teaching our children early on that encountering people with autism is normal can prevent bullying and foster a more inclusive community." Maha Al Binali, the mother of a son with autism, also shared her thoughts. "These events improve understanding and acceptance within society," she said. "They provide a platform for us to share and learn from each others experiences. Each story shared can inspire others and make a significant impact on a childs life." Al Binali encouraged parents to seek early intervention if they notice signs of autism in their children. "Children with autism are capable of learning and adapting if interventions start early. Although it can be challenging initially, it becomes more manageable with proper treatment, training, and attention." Advising mothers who detect autism symptoms in their children not to fear or disregard these signs, she urged them to empower themselves and follow a path that ensures the best outcomes for their children.

QF also hosted a dialogue workshop with experts from Renad Academy titled 'Elevating Inclusivity and Awareness of Autism through Collaborations, which emphasized QFs commitment to creating a supportive environment for individuals with autism and their families.

A recorded showing of the theatrical performance "SHOWTIME!" was also organized and tailored for individuals with autism. The event featured modified lighting, reduced sound levels, and quiet areas to accommodate sensory sensitivities, providing a comfortable environment for attendees.


By A Robin - May 05, 2024

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