QF’s Awsaj Academy hosts event to aid education in Palestine

QF’s Awsaj Academy hosts event to aid education in Palestine By A Robin - December 17, 2023
Awsaj Academy

Awsaj Academy

Awsaj Academy, a part of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education, hosted an event titled ‘From Awsaj to Al Fakhoora’ to raise funds for the Al Fakhoora School in Gaza. The event, held at Qatar Foundation’s Education City, featured various activities, including the sale of handmade artworks and traditional food by students, along with poetry readings and a play recital, providing attendees with a glimpse into Palestine’s culture and heritage.

Raja Al Shalabi, Director of Inclusion, Student Welfare, Community Partnership at Awsaj Academy, emphasized the significance of education as a fundamental driver of personal and societal growth. The event aimed not only to raise funds but also to act as a bridge of hope and support from Qatar to the resilient students of Gaza.

Al Shalabi stated, “Through ‘From Awsaj to Al Fakhoora,’ we aim to empower the young minds in the Al Fakhoora School by providing them with the resources they need to learn. Education serves as a vital passport for Palestinian students, offering them a means to engage with the wider world and embrace openness.”

The event also sought to enhance children’s awareness of the challenges faced by their peers in Gaza, fostering a deeper understanding of the ongoing situation in the region. Students expressed their empathy, recognizing the privilege of their own education and emphasizing the equal right of every child to learn, play, and aspire.

Ali Saeed Al Ghaithani, a 16-year-old student at Awsaj Academy, emphasized, “Education is a right, not a privilege. In the face of war and destruction, it remains our most powerful weapon. By supporting education, we arm minds with knowledge, resilience with hope, and rebuild what conflict cannot destroy.”

All proceeds from the event will be directed to the Education Above All Foundation initiative, Al Fakhoora, contributing to the restoration of the Al Fakhoora School in Gaza.

By A Robin - December 17, 2023

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