QetaiFAN Beach Fest: First International Artist line-up & Festivities Announced

QetaiFAN Beach Fest: First International Artist line-up & Festivities Announced By Josephine Justin - October 20, 2022
QetaiFAN Beach Fest First International Artist line-up & Festivities Announced

QetaiFAN Beach Fest Qatar

International superstars including French Montana, CeeLo Green, Alex Sensation, Ryan Castro, Oxlade, and DJ-Twins will perform at the month-long QetaiFAN Beach Fest running from 19th November to 18th December on the waterfront at Qetaifan Island North in the new City of Lusail – home to the stadium that will stage this Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Final.

From 10 am to 4 am, the festival of "music, football, food, and fun" will take place, with six performances per day, several off-stage performances all through the month, daily DJ sessions from 50 top international DJs, and over 10 top-tier international performers.

Organized by Qetaifan Projects and UVentures, together with Madaeen Al Doha Group and in strategic partnership with Fusion Hospitality and Exhibitions, the fest is an independent entertainment zone, and tickets are available on Q-Tickets

In partnership with Numbers Only and Playing for Change Foundation, the festival is also raising funds to develop music schools around the world for underprivileged children – helping them to grow, communicate and express themselves through music.

QetaiFAN Beach Fest brings together people from all different cultures and walks of life through the ‘international languages’ of music and football. In addition to a tented Fan Camp alongside the beach-front site, the event offers attractions in four main categories: Music, Football, Food and Fun.

PRIME BEACH AREA: The largest beach offering in the history of the Region with entertainment and amenities over 4,000 cabanas & sunbeds, shisha service, and activities.

MUSIC: Concerts of all kinds, featuring over 120 artists in a blend of Latin, Arabian, Afro, Caribbean, International headline performers and renowned DJs – with the party lasting until 4 am.

FOOTBALL:  All 64 World Cup matches broadcasted live on giant screens, where fans can gather in their thousands and enjoy together the magic of the tournament.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Over 50 food and beverage concessions, with 20 designated international beverage sales points including local and global cuisines.

EXCLUSIVE VIP EXPERIENCE: Select areas and privileged services for VIP guests, including royals, football legends, celebrities, diplomats, and other distinguished guests.

FUN: Beach sports tournaments, hot-air balloon rides, water games & sports, football-related challenges, banana-boat rides, e-sports, VR experiences, and much more!


By Josephine Justin - October 20, 2022

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