QCCI Hosts Qatar- Kazakhstan Business Council Meeting

QCCI Hosts Qatar- Kazakhstan Business Council Meeting By Qatar Day - August 22, 2021

Qatar- Kazakhstan Business Council Meeting


Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) hosted Sunday, a meeting of the Qatar-Kazakhstan Business Council, in the presence of HE First Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Kazakhstan Ali Khan Samailov, and HE Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the State of Qatar, Arman Issagaliyev, in the presence of council members from the two sides.

The First Vice Chairman of Qatar Chamber Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Tawar Al Kuwari, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the Kazakh delegation, and the convening of the Joint Business Council meeting, looking forward to establishing commercial partnerships between business owners in the two friendly countries.

Bin Twar pointed out that the Qatari-Kazakhstan relations are witnessing a remarkable development in all fields, in light of the wise leadership in both countries seeking to strengthen cooperation and increase the prospects of these relations, especially in the trade, economic and investment fields, pointing to the importance of cooperation and exchange of experiences between Qatari companies and their Kazakh counterparts in all sectors, in addition to exchanging experiences between Qatari companies and their counterparts in Kazakhstan.

He stressed the Qatar Chamber's keenness to overcome any obstacles that prevent the establishment of partnerships and joint projects between the private sector in the two countries, noting that the Qatar Chamber has received many Kazakh trade delegations and has also organized commercial visits to Kazakhstan in recent years.

He expressed Qatar Chamber's welcome to Kazakh companies wishing to invest in Qatar, pointing to the impact of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic on global economies in terms of applying precautionary measures and restrictions on economic activities to limit the spread of the virus.

First Vice Chairman of Qatar Chamber also pointed out that many countries faced challenges in light of the repercussions of the crisis, stressing that the State of Qatar succeeded, thanks to its wise management of the crisis, in showing strong indicators to overcome the economic effects of the pandemic, and its economy was able to show flexibility in facing this crisis and to succeed in achieving steady growth now and in the future according to several global data and reports.

Al Kuwari praised the economic legislation and laws issued by the State of Qatar in the recent period to facilitate the establishment of businesses and enable the private sector to contribute significantly to the economy, calling on Kazakh companies to take advantage of the incentives offered by the government in the areas of investment in food security, industry, investment and others of commercial fields.

For his part, HE First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Ali Khan Smailov, stressed the depth of relations between his country and the State of Qatar, pointing out that the two countries have a common desire to strengthen and develop these relations in various fields, especially trade and investment.

In his speech before the Qatari-Kazakhstan Joint Business Council, His Excellency indicated that there are plans to hold a Qatari-Kazakhstan business forum in the Kazakh capital Nur Sultan soon in order to strengthen economic and trade relations between the two sides, pointing out that there are many areas in which cooperation can be strengthened, such as agriculture, construction, tourism, financial institutions, and industrial businesses, calling on Qatari businessmen to identify the opportunities available in these sectors.

His Excellency pointed out that Kazakhstan is the largest economy in the Central Asian region and has great resource potentials such as plutonium and precious metals. It is also characterized by a good geographical location and has good relations with both Russia and China, pointing to many advantages that make Kazakhstan attractive to investments. His Excellency expressed his hope that direct flights will be established between Qatar and Kazakhstan as of next September. 

The Head of the Qatari side in the Joint Business Council Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Obaidli, praised the Qatari-Kazakhstan relations and trade and investment cooperation between the two friendly countries, as the year 2020 witnessed a doubling of the volume of trade four times compared to 2019, thanks to coordination and communication between the two sides and the intensification of meetings between the two sides.

He pointed out in his speech, that the Qatari-Kazakhstan Business Council seeks to increase the prospects for cooperation between Qatari companies and their counterparts in Kazakhstan, establish joint companies, and benefit from the expertise possessed by companies on both sides, pointing to the interest of Qatari businessmen identifying opportunities in promising sectors in Kazakhstan and to benefit from investment incentives provided by Kazakhstan.

The Head of the Qatari side in the Joint Business Council called on business owners in Kazakhstan to learn about business opportunities in Qatar and take advantage of the facilities and incentives Qatar offers to foreign investors, especially since Qatar is currently witnessing huge projects within the framework of the National Food Program. protection.

For his part, Head of the Kazakh side in the Joint Business Council Almassadam Satkaliyev, delivered a speech in which he stressed that the Council seeks to establish a strategic partnership between the two sides that will be the beginning of a new phase of economic and trade relations, pointing to the importance of regular communication between the two sides and activating all procedures related to the Joint Business Council.

He pointed out that there are many joint investment projects, especially in the agricultural fields, and that there is a desire to increase these projects.

Deputy Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Alibek Kuntirov, delivered a speech in which he praised the trade relations between the two countries, pointing out that there are broader areas of investment cooperation, especially in the fields of banking, air freight and air transport.

He also reviewed his country's efforts in facing the challenges of the spread of the Corona virus, saying that governmental measures have been taken to strengthen the industrial field and attract investments.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ruslan Manatayev said that the government is implementing a development program for the agricultural sector in the country, which results in many opportunities for investment in this vital sector, pointing out that there are about 5 million square kilometers of arable land with the availability of groundwater, which makes the agricultural sector attractive sector for investment.

The council held a panel under title "Economic and Investment Prospects for Cooperation between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Kazakhstan", with the participation of a number of business owners and representatives of companies on both sides. The available investment opportunities and the most important projects in a number of sectors in which the two sides can cooperate were reviewed, and the participants were introduced to the most important incentives. and the facilities provided by the two countries to foreign investors, and Qatari business owners participating in the meeting emphasized their interest in learning about available investment opportunities, and the economic controls and regulations related to foreign capital in Kazakhstan.

In the meeting, businessman Ahmed Al-Khalaf said that holding a joint business council and joint meetings between Qatari and Kazakh businessmen would enhance cooperation and increase trade exchange between the two countries. He stressed the importance of the meeting, with the participation of a number of Kazakh officials, to learn about the investment incentives that Kazakhstan offers to Qatari businessmen wishing to invest there.

In an intervention via videoconference, the Director General of the International Islamic Food Processing Association said that there are many areas that can witness joint Qatari-Kazakh projects, especially in food security projects, and Islamic commercial institutions in the two countries can cooperate with each other, stressing the role of the Qatar-Kazakhstan Business Council in Strengthening joint cooperation.

The two sides reviewed the most important investment opportunities and projects available in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, mining and others. The speakers also reviewed the most important tourist destinations in Kazakhstan.

By Qatar Day - August 22, 2021

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