QC provides Syrian IDPs with urgent winter assistance.

QC provides Syrian IDPs with urgent winter assistance. By Atif Ansari - January 24, 2022

Winter Aid Distributed to Syrians

Qatar Charity (QC) has started delivering a new batch of relief aid to tens of thousands of Syrians at IDPs camps as part of its winter drive ‘Warmth and Peace’, aiming to help them survive during the harsh cold, strong winds, rain and snowfall.
The field teams distributed aid in the camps of Afrin, Azaz and Idlib. The aid included nearly 10,000 food packages, 1,000 blankets and 1,000 hygiene kits, in addition to distributing 5,000 bundles of bread daily for 12 days.

Qatar Charity, during the coming period, is expected to handover 682 residential caravans to the affected families, provide three-month rents to other affected and local families, and distribute 460,000 bundles of bread during the next three months to benefit 18,000 families.
Besides, 2,800 blankets and warm clothes are expected to be distributed to the families.
More than 272,000 people are expected to benefit from the emergency response drive launched by Qatar Charity.

The snowstorm has brought more misery for the displaced Syrians, with 62 camps damaged and 724 camps destroyed due to the heavy snowfall.
As Syrian and other IDPs and refugees are currently suffering from a harsher winter and heavy rain, frost and snow, Qatar Charity urges benefactors in Qatar to donate to the campaign to help the vulnerable.

One can easily donate to the campaign through Qatar Charity’s website (https://www.qcharity.org/en/qa/campaign?campaignId=377), app (Qatar Charity Mobile Apps - Be prepared with our apps (qcharity.org)), branches and collection points located in malls and commercial centers, in addition to requesting a ‘Home Collector’, and dialing 44667711 for donating.

Source: TNN

By Atif Ansari - January 24, 2022

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