QC Announces Completion of 'Alamal City' Funds for Internally Displaced Syrians

QC Announces Completion of 'Alamal City' Funds for Internally Displaced Syrians By A Robin - February 07, 2022
Alamal City

Alamal City

Qatar Charity (QC) announced the completion of funding one of the major qualitative projects for the internally displaced Syrians in the field of shelter, which it called Alamal City which is expected to be fully completed in the next year 2023.

Qatar Charity, in parallel with the completion of the Alamal City project funding, continues implementing the project by constructing the citys facilities and housing units, where the project is nearly 20% complete.

CEO's assistant for the International Operations and Programs sector at Qatar Charity Nawaf Abdullah Al-Hammadi said that this project is considered to be a hope for the internally displaced Syrians who live in very challenging humanitarian conditions, indicating that this city will ensure a dignified life for the beneficiaries.

For his part, Director of the International Programs and Development department at Qatar Charity Eng. Khaled Al-Yafei said that "The city contains an integrated infrastructure to provide the IDPs with the necessary services, such as potable water, electricity and sewage networks, and roads," adding that nearly 13,800 persons are expected benefit from the city.

Alamal City is a multi-service city designed guided by the 2021 Syria Humanitarian Response Plan to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals, including providing safe and sustainable homes for the displaced in northern Syria.

The 280,000 square-meter city, which is located in Suran in the northern countryside of Aleppo, includes 1,400 housing units, in addition to schools, a mosque, kindergartens, a health center, a market, playgrounds for children, and other facilities.


By A Robin - February 07, 2022

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