QBIC Opens Registration for Third Cohort in Mentorship Program

QBIC Opens Registration for Third Cohort in Mentorship Program By Qatar Day - August 23, 2021

Qatar Business Incubation Center


Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC), the largest and leading multi-use business incubator in the Middle East and North Africa affiliated to Qatar Development Bank, announced today the opening of registration for the third cohort of mentors streamlined program, which is designed to build and develop the next generation of certified mentors, and provide them with the skills that enable them to helping transform promising startups into successful companies, with applications being accepted until Sept.30.

The Qatar Business Incubation Center explained, in a statement, that the inauguration of the third cohort comes after the success of the first and second editions, and their industry has generated a great deal of interest in this field and in the field of entrepreneurship in general.

QBIC pointed out that the program targets aspiring mentors from various practical, institutional and academic sectors, and aims to build mentors' capabilities, develop them and equip them with the latest training possible to be able to assist entrepreneurs, pioneering companies and the entrepreneurial system in Qatar, and take it to new stages.

The statement pointed out that those enrolled in this program will undergo an 11-week training starting next October, noting that the program includes a set of technical and practical axes, and any mentor who wishes to obtain an accreditation certificate must complete the three basic stages of virtual training sessions (5 sessions), virtual counseling sessions (5 sessions) and practical counseling sessions (5 sessions).

Enhancing mentors skills is a key and pivotal step in building new entrepreneurs, writing their future success stories, and ultimately leading to diversifying the economy, localizing businesses and achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.

Those wishing to register for the third cohort of the program can visit the following link: https://www.qbic.qa/lean-coach-program/. (QNA)

By Qatar Day - August 23, 2021

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