Qatar's Pilgrims Stand at Arafat, Head to Muzdalifah after Sunset on Saturday

Qatar's Pilgrims Stand at Arafat, Head to Muzdalifah after Sunset on Saturday By A Robin - June 19, 2024
Hajj Pilgrims

Hajj Pilgrims

The pilgrims of the State of Qatar settle with the crowds of pilgrims at the pure level of Arafat, after they head there tomorrow, Saturday, the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, to perform the greatest pillar of the Hajj, and witness the great pause, in a scene full of faith, with humility and tranquility, praying and supplicating, praying to God Almighty to grant them pardon, forgiveness, mercy, and freedom from Hell.

At Arafat, pilgrims will pray the noon (Zuhr) and afternoon prayers (Asr) combined and shortened with one call to prayer and two iqamas. They remain in Arafat and strive diligently in remembrance and supplication until sunset.

After sunset, all the pilgrims depart from Arafat to Muzdalifah, where they pray the sunset (Maghrib) and evening (Ishaa) prayers, combined and shortened, and spend the night there, before heading to Mina to stone the Great Jamarat of Aqaba.

The crowds of pilgrims had spent the Day of Tarwiyah in Mina, following the example of the Prophet (PBUH), before stopping at Arafat, amid intensive measures taken by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to facilitate the movement of the crowds of pilgrims.

In addition, the Qatari Hajj Mission is making every effort to serve the pilgrims of Qatar and all campaigns and facilitate their affairs, as the service and technical units supporting the mission work according to an integrated system to serve the countrys pilgrims, in addition to harnessing their capabilities to ensure their service and safety, including: providing healthcare and legal guidance, besides the rites (Masha'ir Services Unit, the Call and Support Center Unit, and the Monitoring and Inspection Unit, all of which work within a framework of integration in order to care, serve the countrys pilgrims and their safety, and to provide all means to facilitate the performance of this religious duty.

Meanwhile, the Medical Services Unit of the Qatari Hajj Mission prepared a clinic for men and another for women in the Mash'ar Arafa camp, and the necessary medical arrangements were ready to receive all cases, whether normal, critical or emergency, in times of need, in addition to providing the latest emergency equipment, an ambulance with male and female paramedics, to provide all medications and treatments necessary for all medical cases.


By A Robin - June 19, 2024

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