Qatar's Healthcare system among top 20 in the world

Qatar's Healthcare system among top 20 in the world By Fathimath Nasli - January 30, 2024
Qatar Healthcare system among top 20 in the world

Healthcare system in Qatar ranks among top 20

Qatar has consistently achieved high rankings in various indexes by Numbeo, highlighting its world-class services, modern infrastructure, and significant investments in healthcare.

The country secured a place in the top 20 of Numbeo's Healthcare Index 2024 for the fourth consecutive year, scoring 72.7 points and ranking among the top countries globally. Numbeo's assessments consider factors such as medical staff, equipment, and costs to estimate the overall quality of healthcare in different countries and cities.

Doha, the capital of Qatar, also earned a score of 72.7 in Numbeo's 'Health Care Index by City' for 2024, claiming the top position among regional cities. The overall top spot in the city index was held by Taipei. Other nations in the global top 20 included South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Austria, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

The 'Health Care Expense Index' by Numbeo reflects Doha's healthcare system's positive aspects, with a score of 131.6, emphasizing quality and growth. Since 2021, Qatar consistently ranks among the top 20 countries in Numbeo's Healthcare Index by Country, showcasing its continuous improvement and emphasis on medical technology and a skilled workforce.

In 2023, five hospitals in Qatar were recognized among the world's top 250 academic medical centers. Qatar ranked first in the Arab world and 18th globally in the 2022 Health Care Index. The country's health sector is becoming increasingly significant, with medical tourism expected to play a pivotal role in economic diversification. The healthcare industry is projected to reach a valuation of $12 billion by 2024, indicating substantial growth.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 30, 2024

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