QatarDebate Organizes Third Edition of Capacity Building Program

QatarDebate Organizes Third Edition of Capacity Building Program By A Robin - August 16, 2022
Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation

QatarDebate Center, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), organized the third edition of the 'Capacity Building' program at the Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC), with the participation of 40 American universities.

A statement issued by the center said that the 3-day program aimed to support debate programs in the Arabic language, and prepare experienced debaters for the 3rd American tournament, scheduled to be held at Stanford University in October. The program also aimed to coach trainers on how to provide logistical and technical support for holding debates.

The program focused on practical application in terms of establishing the foundations for debates and how to prepare for the tournament, in addition to assisting participating universities, overcoming the obstacles that may arise in the midst of debates, and preparing for the tournaments that the Qatari center is working to implement.

The program was divided into two phases, the first of which was the 'advanced phase', which included a group of formerly experienced debaters to serve as session chairs, and the 'intermediate phase', which several members of universities that are new to debating.

The program activities included daily practical sessions related to preparing detailed plans for the training of teams, the schedule for all activities, the dates of holding seminars, and the division of activities.

In this regard, Head of Programs, Communication and Marketing Department at QatarDebate Abdulrahman Al Subaie affirmed the center's endeavors to empower the Arabic debate community in the US by establishing sustainable activities and linking them to other programs, such as study courses, seminars and discussion groups, as well as projects and events that come along the tournament, to spread the Arabic language and culture, and present a true civilized image of Arabs and Muslims among Western societies.

Several participants in the program commended the brainstorming and stimulating thinking session included in the agenda, as well as the foundations of interestingly communicating information, raising the efficiency of debaters, and methods of employing skills in an optimal manner, which - in turn- has formed a basic building block for the art of debating.

The adequate explanation and integration of technical standards played an important role in avoiding gaps, understanding the way of communicating with the other, and ensuring a fair evaluation of the debaters, the participants added, pointing out the intensive workshops on arbitration and its rules and mechanisms that the program had provided, to exclude potential error in judgment.

The participants also noted that the program had a great role in opening wider horizons for thinking, exchanging experiences, and strengthening relations with the debating community in the US, extending their profound thanks and gratitude to QatarDebate Center.


By A Robin - August 16, 2022

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