Qatar University study links shisha smoking to high risk of heart diseases

Qatar University study links shisha smoking to high risk of heart diseases By A Robin - April 12, 2023
Shisha smoking

Shisha smoking

A recent study conducted by Qatar University (QU) researchers has revealed a connection between smoking shisha and an increased risk of heart disease in adults living in Qatar.

The QU study team analysed data from Qatar Biobank (QBB) of over 1,000 participants with an average age of 55.6 years who had experienced angina, heart attack, or stroke, as well as their age- and gender-matched healthy controls.

The study revealed that individuals who smoke shisha exclusively had 1.65 times higher odds of reporting a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease compared to those who do not smoke at all.

Additionally, the study found that people who started smoking shisha at a younger age had a higher risk of getting heart disease. The age at which individuals initially started smoking shisha was found to be significantly different between those with cardiovascular disease (20 years) and the control group (25 years).

The study led by QU Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences Dr Susu Zughaier from the College of Medicine highlights the importance of understanding the risks associated with shisha smoking, particularly in countries where it is a common social activity.

The study's authors hope that their findings will prompt further research into the health effects of shisha smoking and lead to increased public awareness through public health campaigns and initiatives to educate people about the risks associated with this activity and discourage them from taking up the habit, particularly in younger individuals.

By A Robin - April 12, 2023

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