Qatar University marks golden jubilee of College of Education

Qatar University marks golden jubilee of College of Education By Mohamed Suhaib - March 21, 2023
Golden Jubilee Ceremony

QU President Dr. Hassan Al Derham (third right); Dean of QU College of Education Sheikha Dr. Hessa bint Hamad Al Thani (fourth right); and other dignitaries during the ceremony.

In a ceremony celebrating its 50th Anniversary of inception, the College of Education at Qatar University (QU) showcased its accomplishments and advancements during the last 50 years.

The College was honored at the ceremony for being the first higher education facility in Qatar.

Dr. Hassan Al Derham, President of the University of Qatar, Sheikha Dr. Hessa bint Hamad Al Thani, Dean of the College of Education, as well as representatives from a variety of departments and high school students, attended the ceremony.

In addition to a video highlighting the Early Childhood Center called "From Past to Present" and an introduction to the College of Education with an overview of its programs and centers, there was also an inspiring story segment with Mohammed Saadon Al Kuwari, a sports journalist and presenter with beIN who graduated from the College of Education, about his experiences there.

“Fifty years ago, the foundation stone of the College of Education was laid, to be the starting point in building a human being enlightened by the principles of science and knowledge. So every graduate in our college was a beacon and a teacher for the emerging generations, and a key actor in developing education in our societies.” stated Dr. Hessa, dean of the college. So, every graduate from our college was a role model, a mentor, and a significant contributor to the advancement of education in our societies.

“During fifty years, the College, through its various departments and centres, has been able to provide the community with leaders and expertise, through the efforts of cadres that have raised the educational production in our schools and social institutions despite the challenges and difficulties.” she continued.

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By Mohamed Suhaib - March 21, 2023

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