Qatar University Accepts 1000 Students for Spring 2024 Semester

Qatar University Accepts 1000 Students for Spring 2024 Semester By A Robin - December 31, 2023
Qatar University

Qatar University

Qatar University (QU) announced the acceptance of approximately 1000 male and female students for the undergraduate program for the Spring 2024 semester. Qataris constitute 70% of the total number of accepted students.

On this occasion, Vice President for Student Affairs at Qatar University Dr. Eiman Mustafawi explained that admission to QU is based on competition among applicants. Meeting the minimum requirements in secondary education does not guarantee admission to a college. Students are admitted each semester based on each college's capacity.

She noted that students who did not secure admission for the Spring 2024 semester can reapply for the subsequent Fall 2024 semester.

Dr. Mustafawi emphasized the university's continuous support for its students, encouraging active participation in student life and the utilization of academic resources to enhance their capabilities, support their excellence, and contribute to their intellectual and cultural development, fostering their educational experience and personal growth.

Regarding the electronic orientation program, Director of Admissions Prof. Lolwa Al Rabeei said that the orientation program for transfer students will take place on 10 January, while for new students, it will occur on 14 January for all colleges.

Al Rabeei highlighted that the orientation program aims to provide new students with university information, policies, and remote academic services, stressing that completing the program is mandatory for all students to enroll. Students failing to finish the orientation program won't be able to register for courses or attend lectures in the Spring 2024 semester, leading to the cancellation of their admission and requiring them to reapply in a subsequent semester.

Classes for the Spring 2024 semester will commence on 21 January 2024, with the add/drop period ending on 25 January 2024.

QU also announced scholarship decisions, including awards for excellence, children of GCC nationals with Qatari secondary certificates, and children of QU staff, for new and enrolled students in the Spring 2024 semester. The announcement for outstanding performance scholarships for enrolled students will be on 21 January 2024.


By A Robin - December 31, 2023

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