Qatar Speed Radar - A few things to note

Qatar Speed Radar - A few things to note By Ruchi singh - May 12, 2020
Qatar Speed Radar  A few things to note

Qatar Speed Radar - A few things to note

Every day the MoI issues warning to the motorists for the Speed Radars on particular roads to identify the individuals in violation of traffic rules. These speed radar have become an integral part of Qatar streets. These radars can capture pictures on one side of the street, or the 360-degree stature snaps any speeding vehicle in the region, motorists realize that once they cross the speed limit, while passing the radar and attracts a fine.

These mobile radars on the streets makes it harder for the speeding motorists to avoid getting caught and fined.

There are many features of the mobile radars that normal people don’t know like the radar can capture people in video, follow them to the seconds as they pass through, catch image even if the motorist are not clearly visible.

There are many components of the speed radar obscure to the general population as innovation and technology are just progressing. In spite of the fact that not all capacities might be utilized all the time, the things a radar can do might change the way people consider speeding and other traffic rules. 

Here are five of the most astonishing radar realities. 

Installed in vehicles: Mobile radar are most of the time installed in vehicles that can be parked anywhere by the traffic police, it makes it tougher for the motorists to spot them. So, the regular motorists now cannot simply slow down as they know where the fixed radars are installed and can speed up again after crossing that.

The radar sees more than you might suspect: The radar can perceive what the driver is doing, regardless of whether this includes talking on the phone or not wearing a safety belt. A camera captures the traffic rules violators prompting a fine. 

Don’t think if you are Off the street means off the radar: A typical comprehension is that the speed radar captures only motorist on the highway. However, that’s not the case the radar catches speeders in all areas of the stature. The speed radar screens the highways, service lanes, exit roads or any other road in that area. 

However, the MOI has been tweeting the general locations of these mobile radars to give an idea to the public. Kharara Road, Al Shamal Highway, Al Wakrah-Mesaieed Highway, Dukhan Highway and Salwa Road are among the first locations to get mobile radars.

By Ruchi singh - May 12, 2020

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