Qatar Social Work Continues World Cup and National Day Celebrations in Katara

Qatar Social Work Continues World Cup and National Day Celebrations in Katara By Ranya Hadji - December 13, 2022
Qatar Social Work Continues World Cup and National Day Celebrations in Katara

Qatar Social Work Continues World Cup and National Day Celebrations in Katara

Qatar Social Work, an affiliate of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, continues its events in Katara that were launched on November 18 and will run until December 18 in celebration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar and Qatar National Day. 
The events are intended to introduce Qatar Social Work to the public and highlight the services it offers for the community, and propagate the culture of social work, and raise the community's awareness on the skills of dealing with various categories of the community. 
Director of Communications at Qatar Social Work Noor Al Mohannadi lauded the great services offered by the supporters, including the Damaan Islamic Insurance Company (Beema) and Qatar Navigation Q.P.S.C. (Milaha), which provided big support to the foundation in the organization of these events, adding that such support will indubitably be beneficial for all segments served by the centers affiliated with Qatar Social Work. 
She extended her thanks and appreciation to the partners in the National Service Academy (Miqdam) for their great cooperation in organizing the events and receiving the masses and those participating in the competitions; hailing the efforts made by the Cultural Village Foundation - Katara and its great cooperation during the whole period of the events. 
She added that the foundation received roughly 15,000 visitors and has distributed over 400 prizes daily to the masses participating in the events and competitions in Katara. 
Vice President and Corporate Communications at Milaha Muna Al Bader said that Milaha is extremely happy to support a joint social cooperation project with Qatar Social Work to further highlight this social aspect which is vital for the life of every single person, and is essential for any community on earth; pointing out that Milaha prioritizes the social work, which is considered a robust foundation within its social responsibility system that aims to consolidate the culture of social work and human development in the Qatari community in pursuit of preserving its supreme values and traditions inherited from the ancestors. 
Commenting on the cooperation afforded by Miqdam to Qatar Social Work, the director of public relations at the Academy Captain Jassim Mohammed Al Jaber clarified that within the framework of the existing cooperation between the two institutions, the National Service Academy offers an array of events and activities associated with the events of the national day in Katara, along with the events held in Katara stage presented by specialists from the Nutrition Department of Miqdam with the objective of raising the awareness on the problems of Individual and group diet, and ways to solve them, in addition to a variety of cultural and religious competitions aimed at increasing the cultural and religious credit of the attendees. 
He noted that several sports and kinetic sports competitions were held under the supervision of the physical development department, including self-defense which aims to upgrade the core skills of self-defense, where a special corner of electronic marksmanship was added with the objective of educating the attendees on the basics of marksmanship.


By Ranya Hadji - December 13, 2022

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