Qatar Red Crescent Society, Int'l Committee of the Red Cross Sign Framework Partnership Agreement

Qatar Red Crescent Society, Int'l Committee of the Red Cross Sign Framework Partnership Agreement By A Robin - August 22, 2022


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) signed Sunday a framework partnership agreement with the aim of enhancing bilateral cooperation in various fields of humanitarian work of common interest, boosting capabilities and coordination at the level of international mobility and activating joint activities in a way that achieves the objectives of both sides.

The agreement was signed by Secretary-General of the Qatar Red Crescent Society Ambassador Ali bin Hassan Al Hammadi and Head of ICRC's Regional Delegation for the Gulf Cooperation Countries Mamadou Sow.

Al Hammadi said the importance of the agreement stems from the various interwoven factors at top of which were the current international humanitarian circumstances, stressing the need for further concerted efforts and enhancing cooperation and coordination to confront the big challenges and obstacles facing the humanitarian work to mitigate human sufferings, particularly among the victims of wars and armed disputes. He added that those objectives are centerpieces of the two organizations' activities that basically seek to save lives and preserve human dignity.

He added that one of the most important mechanisms recommended by the agreement was the formation of a high-ranking steering committee between the QRCS and the ICRC's regional delegation to meet twice a year in Doha under the leadership of the QRCS. The committee is entitled to reviewing the objectives of the agreement, following up on the achieved progress under the partnership compared to the agreed ones, exploring the opportunities of development and overcoming all challenges that require collective solutions.

Sow, on his part, hailed the QRCS's giant efforts to respond to humanitarian needs worldwide as well as its effective role within the international mobility of ICRC and QRCS and its deep-rooted commitment to humanitarian principles He added that the two sides will cooperate under the agreement to promote their existent partnership in joint humanitarian works and capability developing programs to respond to the needs of those affected by violence and disputes whether inside or outside the region.


By A Robin - August 22, 2022

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