Qatar Participates in UNCTAD 15

Qatar Participates in UNCTAD 15 By Joel Johnson - October 05, 2021
Qatar Participates in UNCTAD 15

Qatar Participates in UNCTAD 15

The State of Qatar took part in the 15th session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD 15), which is hosted by Barbados via video conferencing from Oct. 3 to 7.

HE Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari represented the State of Qatar at the Conference.

Held every four years, UNCTAD 15 is held under the theme "From Inequality and Vulnerability to Prosperity for All", aiming at discussing ways to bridge the gap between developed, developing and least developed countries, and highlighting the pivotal role that trade plays in achieving comprehensive development and prosperity for countries.

Speaking at the plenary session, HE Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Government of Kenya for its efforts during its presidency of the Conference, and to the Government of Barbados for its appreciated efforts and commitment to hosting this conference despite the many delays imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He praised the efforts of HE President of the Trade and Development Board Ambassador Maimuna Tarishi of Tanzania, in coordinating the mechanisms for drafting the new mandate document; and thanked the UNCTAD Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General and the UNCTAD secretariat for preparation for this conference.

HE Minister Al Kuwari said that the challenges that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic necessitated redoubling of efforts, not only at the internal level of countries, but also on a cross-border scale, adding that this crisis highlighted the importance of joint and multilateral international action.

HE the Minister noted that the pandemic affected all countries of the world, but its negative impact was greater on poor people who do not have the simplest health equipment and the political, economic and financial tools necessary to overcome the repercussions; stressing the need to strengthening the international cooperation in order to establish a coordinated and multilateral response to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.

In this context, HE the Minister referred to the initiatives adopted by the State of Qatar, noting that the State of Qatar has been keen to provide all means of support to the Vaccine Alliance GAVI, the Friends of the COVAX Facility, and the World Health Organization. In addition, Qatar donated thousands of tons of medical shipments to more than 81 countries.

HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance called on world countries to cooperate and join efforts to support and develop the work of the UNCTAD by building on the previous achievements to move towards strengthening the international solidarity for a comprehensive and just global economic environment for all countries across the world. He stressed the need to develop a road map that allows developing countries, especially the least developed countries, to implement practical policies that enable them to spread the benefits of development to their people.

He highlighted the tireless efforts exerted by the State of Qatar during its presidency of the 13th Session of the UNCTAD, based on its belief in the UNCTAD vital role in building a new and innovative approach to multilateral economic relations.

HE the Minister indicated that the State of Qatar has made important strides in developing long-term policies to consolidate comprehensive and equitable development at the national, regional and international levels, adding that the State has provided all means of support for the international efforts aimed at addressing various current issues in all international forums, especially the efforts of the World Trade Organization.

He reiterated Qatar's commitment to support the role of UNCTAD, especially with regard to the initiatives aimed at helping developing countries and least developed countries. HE noted Qatar's keenness on supporting all UNCTAD efforts directed to the Palestinian people, stressing Qatar's firm determination to continue to support the Palestinian brothers, direct development and humanitarian projects and financial assistance to low-income families, and ensure the flow of electricity to the Gaza Strip in cooperation with the United Nations and its international partners.

In conclusion, HE Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari looked forward to the UNCTAD 15 to contribute to creating an appropriate climate for the realization of the desired goals and objectives, thus the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) was established in 1964 as an intergovernmental organization intended to promote the interests of developing states in world trade. UNCTAD is the part of the United Nations Secretariat dealing with trade, investment, and development issues. Among its goals are to: maximize the trade, investment and development opportunities of developing countries and assist them in their efforts to integrate into the world economy on an equitable basis. (QNA)

By Joel Johnson - October 05, 2021

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