Qatar Museums Participates In Qatar Sustainability Week 2023.

Qatar Museums Participates In Qatar Sustainability Week 2023. By Jiny - November 13, 2023
Qatar Museums Participates in Qatar Sustainability Week 2023

Qatar Museums actively contributes to Qatar Sustainability Week 2023

DOHA, 13 November 2023 — Qatar Museums (QM) proudly participated in Qatar Sustainability Week 2023, held from 4 November to 11 November 2023. Qatar Sustainability Week 2023 witnessed a series of activities arranged by QM, aimed at raising awareness, inspiring change, and promoting sustainable practices. These included a number of internal activities for staff, as well as two workshops that with engaged local schools. 

Activities for staff included a sustainability ‘hackathon’ that saw it’s a number of QM employees brainstorm and develop innovative solutions to address local sustainability and environmental challenges. Other sustainability initiatives and activities introduced for QM staff included a clean-up operation of QM's archaeological sites; the implementation of measures to encourage paperless office practices, advocating for digital documentation, e-signatures, and electronic communication; a bike commuting challenge with incentives and recognition offered for participants; and the introduction of several sustainability pledges, urging employees to take actions such as cutting down on single-use plastics. 

For schools, QM opened its doors to school students in grades 5 to 8 in a lively session which encouraged students to create artwork highlighting environmental issues and promoting sustainability. Another interactive workshop was held for students in grades 9 to 12, aimed at promoting sustainability in daily life. Engaging with schools via workshops such as these express the importance QM places on educating young minds on the significance of adopting sustainable measures to ensure a brighter future.

Eng. Dhabya Jamal Sayar, Director of Facilities Management at QM, added, "Our sustainability initiatives are an integral part of our mission, and we are excited to have the opportunity to educate, inspire, and create lasting change in the pursuit of a more sustainable future."

Qatar Museums has earned of numerous international and regional accolades in recognition of its commitment to eco-initiatives and sustainable operations. This outstanding achievement includes three prestigious awards at the 2023 International Beautiful Buildings Green Apple Awards in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Qatar Museums was honoured with the highly coveted "Overall Winner" award, along with three awards in the Green Building category at the Gulf Sustainability Awards 2023. Notably, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) has made history by becoming the first-ever carbon-neutral certified museum in the Middle East region. This remarkable accomplishment underscores Qatar Museums' dedication to environmental responsibility and its leadership in promoting sustainable practices.

Qatar Museums’ participation in Qatar Sustainability Week 2023 highlights its extensive sustainability efforts thus far, as well as its unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. 

By Jiny - November 13, 2023

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