Qatar Media Center Launches Summer Program on July 1

Qatar Media Center Launches Summer Program on July 1 By Sruthi Nair - June 24, 2024
Qatar Media Corporation

Qatar Media Corporation

The Qatar Media Center of the Ministry of Culture announced the launch of its summer program, set to begin on July 1 and run until the end of the month.

According to a statement from the center, the summer program will feature a series of workshops and training courses in various media fields for individuals aged 14 to 20, along with a specialized course in cybersecurity. The sessions will take place three days a week at the center's premises and will be conducted by a select group of trainers. The program will commence with the "Success Voice" workshop from July 1 to 3, followed by a cybersecurity training course from July 8 to 10. Other offerings include a specialized course in "Public Speaking Skills" from July 15 to 17, a workshop titled "Become a Professional in Mobile Photography" from July 23 to 25, and a training course on "The Role of Visual Content Creation on Social Media Platforms" from July 29 to 31.

The Qatar Media Center encouraged interested participants to visit its digital platforms, scan the QR code for each course, and complete the registration process. Iman Al Kaabi, Director of the Qatar Media Center, emphasized that the summer workshops and training courses are designed to provide an environment conducive to effectively utilizing the summer break. The aim is to offer skillful and specialized training that aligns with the interests of the youth.

Al Kaabi highlighted that focusing on the 14-20 age group is part of the center’s strategy to reach all segments of society and contribute to skill development. This focus also aims to discover and support Qatari talents, encouraging them through training and development, thereby strengthening the local media landscape with young national competencies.


Source: The Peninsula Qatar

By Sruthi Nair - June 24, 2024
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