Qatar Foundation to emphasize collective role of society

Qatar Foundation to emphasize collective role of society By Fathimath Nasli - January 22, 2024
QF to emphasize collective role of society

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation (QF) will mark International Education Day by highlighting the collective responsibility of society in fostering and advancing education.

The event will include panel discussions, workshops, and activities focusing on the vital role of both public and private entities, as well as individuals within the community, in creating a conducive environment for learning.

Taking place annually on January 24, the International Day of Education provides an opportunity for schools and families to unite in efforts to enhance the quality of education and students' performance. In Qatar, the Cabinet has recently approved the commemoration of this day.

This year, under the theme "Education is Everyone's Responsibility," QF will organize activities covering various topics, including collective responsibility towards language and identity, discussions on protecting education in conflict zones, the role of technology in inclusive education, and the role of family in education.

The events, to be held at the Ceremonial Court in Education City on January 24, will involve students from QF's 13 Pre-University Education schools, as well as students from 19 public and private schools, QF and other university students, educators, entities, and families.

Maryam Al Hajri, Executive Director of Partnerships at QF’s Pre-University Education Strategy, expressed the expectation that the impact of International Education Day activities will inspire organizations and entities to contribute actively to education in Qatar. She highlighted the importance of private school leaders gaining new ideas and directions to enhance their participation in education.

The inaugural celebration of the International Day of Education in Qatar is envisioned to be an annual event, with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of how individuals and organizations can take responsibility and provide support for educators, learners, and educational institutions.

One of the panel discussions, led by QF’s Doha International Family Institute, will underscore the significance of building a supportive environment that fosters trust and communication with children and youth. Additionally, a student debate in collaboration with the Qatar Debate Centre will examine the effectiveness of the current education system and its alignment with the needs of students at different levels.

Participants in QF’s International Education Day activities will also have the opportunity to explore an interactive exhibition featuring educational programs and visit QF partner universities to learn about the available study programs.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 22, 2024

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