Qatar Foundation students collect more than QR20 million for Palestinian Aid

Qatar Foundation students collect more than QR20 million for Palestinian Aid By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024
Qatar Foundation students collect more than QR20 million for Palestinians

Image credit: Qatar Foundation

Since the commencement of the Gaza attacks in October 2023, Qatar Foundation (QF) students have been actively involved in numerous initiatives and events to raise awareness and gather donations for Palestinian aid.

Their collective efforts have resulted in over QR 20.4 million.

Key initiatives organized by students from QF's Pre-University Education schools for Palestine include a student-led exhibition featuring more than 100 art pieces highlighting Palestine's rich cultural heritage. 

Students from 10 QF schools collaborated to plant 50 olive trees as a symbol of their support and solidarity for Palestine. Additionally, a fundraiser was organized to rebuild the Al Fakhoora school that was destroyed in Gaza.

Students also coordinated a 'Stand with Palestine' event, including a friendly football match to raise donations and a market selling baked goods and handicrafts. 

Qatar Academy Doha students took the lead in the event 'Qatar Academy Stands with Palestine,' engaging in impactful activities to increase awareness about the Palestinian cause and advocate for Palestinian rights. 

Qatar Academy Sidra Primary School hosted 'Palestine Day,' featuring a student performance, a bake sale, and art class activities in support of Palestine.

The efforts were not limited to Qatar, as Siraj's team produced a short animated film titled 'Yassin's Kite,' highlighting aspects of Palestinian culture and its people.

Abeer Al Khalifa, President of Pre-University Education at QF, expressed deep admiration for the students' initiatives, emphasizing their drive to make a difference. She highlighted that these students, beyond being learners, are emerging leaders embodying empathy, global citizenship, and social responsibility. 

Al Khalifa emphasized that their actions go beyond acquiring knowledge about global challenges, demonstrating their active role in making a positive impact in the world, underscoring education's role in shaping change-makers.

Source: QNA

By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024

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