Qatar Climate Change Conference 2021 Aims to Support Journey Toward Sustainable Future

Qatar Climate Change Conference 2021 Aims to Support Journey Toward Sustainable Future By Qatar Day - August 30, 2021

Doha, Qatar


Qatars climate challenges and how they can be tackled as the nation pursues a future built on sustainable development will be the focus of the first Qatar Climate Change Conference 2021, hosted by Qatar Foundation.

The conference - sponsored by ExxonMobil Qatar - will see experts from across Qatar and the world discuss and debate actions that can be taken to mitigate the effects of climate change on the country, and support its leadership, businesses, industries, and people in facing up to the risks that rising global temperatures pose.

Organized by Qatar Foundation (QF) with the Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development as a strategic partner, the event on September 13 will bring together insight on climate change from the worlds of policymaking, industry, and academia. It aims to allow knowledge to be shared and potential climate actions and collaborations to be identified ahead of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties - COP26 - later this year.

"With the world seeing the warmest temperatures on record over the past five years, and temperatures rising faster across the Middle East than in the rest of the world, urgent action to tackle climate change in our region is imperative," said the Chief Operations Officer, Qatar Foundation Ghanim Hassan Al-Ibrahim.

"The Qatar Climate Change Conference 2021 aims to support Qatars goal of sustainable development and its climate action efforts, which include the countrys commitment to the Paris Agreement. It will be a platform for dialogue, ideas, and action, as global climate change experts, stakeholders, and policymakers come together with the aim of making change on this critical issue happen.

"Through the conference, citizens and residents in Qatar will be able to learn more about Qatars current and upcoming climate change actions. Hosted by QF - which, in research, education, and policy, is committed to supporting the sustainable development of Qatar through leading by example - this is an opportunity to benefit from climate change information and insight specifically tailored to Qatars environment, economy, and society." he added.

The President and General Manager for ExxonMobil Qatar Dominic Genetti said, "ExxonMobil is honored and pleased to partner with Qatar Foundation and Al-Attiyah Foundation on the Qatar Climate Change Conference.

"Were committed to helping further Qatars Sustainability Strategy and look forward to both sharing ExxonMobils significant experience in low carbon solutions, and to being part of important discussions on pathways to a lower carbon future." he added.

The conference will feature Qatar-based representatives from, among others, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment; the Ministry of Finance; Kahramaa; Ashghal; the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy; ExxonMobil Qatar; Qatar Petroleum; QatarGas; Qatar Airways; Qatar National Bank; QFs Hamad Bin Khalifa University; Qatar University; and Georgetown University in Qatar, a QF partner university.

International experts will also join the conversation around three core topics: Qatars national climate change action and policy; climate change mitigation and adaptation in Qatar; and the carbon market and pricing in Qatar, including the role of the public and private sector in enabling this market to support the nations efforts to tackle climate change. 

By Qatar Day - August 30, 2021

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