Qatar Charity Opens School in Northern Syria

Qatar Charity Opens School in Northern Syria By A Robin - September 27, 2022
Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity (QC) inaugurated the Haq Alsham School in El-Bab city in northern Syria, as part of the Sham Deserves drive launched by Qatar Charity at the beginning of 2020.

This is a secondary school for boys, and consists of 18 classrooms, offices, and laborites for the benefit of nearly 1,260 students from the IDPs and host communities living in the area. Some 60 teaching and administrative staff are expected to work at the school.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mishaal Al Hajri, the regional coordinator of Qatar Charity's Turkey office, Okan Tosun, the general director of Anda organization, and the representatives of the local council and the Directorate of Education in El-Bab.

"It is an integrated building in accordance with modern standards and will play an important role in educating young generations," said Abdullah Muslim, the coordinator of the Education Section at Qatar Charity's Turkey office.

Besides, Omran 1 and Omran 2 primary schools were also opened, as part of the Omran projects in Qabbasin camps, in the countryside of Aleppo. Each school consists of two classrooms, an administrative room, toilets, and a spacious courtyard where children can safely play. This aims to enhance the access of refugee children living in the camps to education and create a nurturing learning environment for them.

The local council and the Directorate of Education in El-Bab thanked the people of Qatar and Qatar Charity for their constant support to increase the educational level of students in northern Syria and improve the exceptional humanitarian situation in the region.

This comes at a time when Qatar Charity announced the continuation of its projects to rehabilitate and schools in northern Syria for the third year in a row, aiming to enhance the access of internally displaced students to quality education.


By A Robin - September 27, 2022

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