Qatar Charity Launches Prosthetic Limbs Project in Gaza

Qatar Charity Launches Prosthetic Limbs Project in Gaza By Nidhul - January 19, 2022
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Qatar Charity Launches Prosthetic Limbs Project in Gaza

Qatar Charity (QC) launched a "prosthetic limbs" project for people with mobility impairment in the Gaza Strip. The project funded by Shaikh Eid Charity Foundation comes in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development.

The project was launched in a ceremony attended by many official figures and representatives of international and local organizations that support persons with disabilities. The project is expected to benefit 4,000 people with mobility impairment, and reintegrate them into the community. This project is part of Qatar Charity's attention towards persons with disabilities in Palestine in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular.

Commissioner-General of the Ministry of Social Development-Gaza Louay Al Madhoun appreciated the support extended to the people with special needs in the Gaza Strip, praising the humanitarian role of the people of Qatar in supporting the Palestinian people.

He indicated that the humanitarian projects implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of people with disabilities is the result of strategic co-operation and a real partnership between Qatar Charity and the Ministry of Social Development. He also expressed his delight with this cooperation, underlining the importance of extending the continued support to the marginalized in the Gaza Strip.

For his part, Eng. Muhammad Abu Haloub, Director of Qatar Charity's office in the Gaza, indicated that this project comes within the interests of QC to meet the needs of people with disabilities in Palestine in general, and in the Gaza Strip in particular, pointing out that QC has worked over the past two years to provide large numbers of four-wheels mobility scooters, and has also provided many interventions and activities to support people with disabilities, including distributing hundreds of external digital hearing aids, hundreds of air mattresses, in addition to implementing the prosthetic eye project.

At the end of the ceremony, implementation contracts were signed with the service providers, namely HH Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani Hospital for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics in Gaza and the Artificial Limbs and Polio Center - Gaza.

Qatar Charity sponsors more than 18600 persons, including orphans, needy families and people with disabilities, who receive financial support periodically. Qatar Charity also implements projects in the fields of health, education, food security, livelihood, water and the child and family care.

Since 1990s, there has been a field office for Qatar Charity in the Strip, through which it directly supervises its projects, and ensures its rapid intervention in times of crisis, and its cooperation with international, regional and local humanitarian partners. It was able to implement 1,462 relief and development projects in several fields.

Source: QNA

By Nidhul - January 19, 2022

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