Qatar Chamber Facilitates Entry of TV Broadcasting Equipment During FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Qatar Chamber Facilitates Entry of TV Broadcasting Equipment During FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 By A Robin - September 05, 2022
TV Broadcasting Equipment

TV Broadcasting Equipment

Qatar Chamber announced the utilization of Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet application for the professional products, such as TV equipment during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in coordination with General Authority of Customs (GAC).

In a statement on Saturday, the Chamber said that the GAC adopted the Chamber's recommendation to accept the ATA Carnet for professional equipment on an exceptional basis during the World Cup, provided that the Chamber guarantees customs duties on these equipment.

According to the statement, the GAC will determine the final date of re -exporting the goods that will be entered into Qatar under the cover of the ATA Carnet.

Commenting on the announcement, QC General Manager Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi expressed thanking and appreciation to the General Authority of Customs for accepting the Chamber's recommendation to allow the temporary admission of professional equipment related to the television broadcast of the World Cup, pointing out that this will be a great contribution to the success of this mega event.

He assured that the Chamber's recommendation is a testimony of its concern to contribute to the success of the World Cup, and to facilitate the transfer of the activities of this global event to all world countries, pointing out that the event will place Qatar at the global attention and will help further promote Qatar as a leading global hub for investment and tourism.

Al Sharqi praised the continuous cooperation between the Chamber and the General Authority of Customs in various fields for the aim to enable the business community to open up to global markets, stressing that they make joint efforts to support the private sector and enhance its role in the economic process.

He also pointed out that the ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the duty-free and tax-free temporary import and export of goods for up to one year. The system is applied to import-export goods that will return to the country of origin within the period which is approved by customs authorities.

On his part, Chair of the ICC World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC) Ruedi Bolliger praised the Qatar Chamber's role in the implementation of the ATA Carnet for professional products such as broadcasting equipment during the World Cup.

In a statement, he said, "On behalf of all members of the World ATA Carnet Council, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous contribution made by the Qatar chamber in enabling broadcasters from all member countries to have the necessary equipment moved in and out of Qatar using ATA carnets, the most convenient customs formality for temporary admission."

Established under the ATA Convention and the Istanbul Convention as a trade facilitation tool, ATA is a system allowing the free movement of goods across frontiers and their temporary admission into a customs territory with relief from duties and taxes. The goods are covered by a document known as the ATA Carnet secured by an international guarantee chain administered by ICC's World Chambers Federation.

More than 118,000 pieces of equipment were recently imported temporarily into China for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics thanks to the use of ATA carnets.


By A Robin - September 05, 2022

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