Qatar Cabinet reimposes some COVID-19 restrictions as cases surge

Qatar Cabinet reimposes some COVID-19 restrictions as cases surge By Qatar Day - January 29, 2021
Covid Restrictions

Qatar’s Cabinet on Wednesday decided to re-impose some of restrictions following resurgence in COVID-19 cases.

The following are the re-imposed as well as existing restrictions:

* No more than 80 percent of the staff shall work from office while the remaining 20 percent shall work from home or remotely, in both government and private sectors.

* Office meetings cannot have more than 15 persons, and the attendees must take all prevailing COVID-19 preventive and precautionary measures

* All citizens and residents are required to wear masks when they leave homes for any reason, unless the person by himself or herself in a vehicle. 

* Ehteraz smartphone application is a must for all

* While mosques will remain open to perform the daily and Friday prayers, toilets and ablution facilities shall remain closed

* Funerals and other public gatherings shall not have more than five people in closed places and 15 in the open.

* Winter camps shall not have more than 15 people. 

* Weddings shall not be held in closed or open places until further notice, with the exception of weddings held at home or in the majlis, with a crowd of no more than 10 people in enclosed spaces and 20 people in open spaces; the attendees must be relatives of the spouses; Ministry of Interior must be notified of the date and place of the wedding ceremony.

* Gatherings in playgrounds and around sports equipment in public parks, beaches and the Corniche shall be limited to a maximum of 15 people.

* No more than four people shall be in a vehicle, including the driver of the vehicle, with the exception of families. 

* Buses and vans shall not transport people in no more than half their seating capacities; 

* Metro and public transport services will continue to operate but at 30 percent capacity

* Driving schools shall not operate at more than 25 percent capacity.

* Cinemas and theatres can continue to operate at 30 percent, but are not allowed to enter persons under 18 years old. 

* Educational centres and private training centres shall operate at 30 percent. 

* Nurseries and childcare facilities shall operate at 30 percent capacity.

* Stopping the services of renting boats, tourist yachts and pleasure boats. Owners of boats and personal yachts are obligated, if they are used, that no more than 15 people are on board.

* Reducing the capacity of popular markets to 50 percent.

* Reducing the capacity of wholesale markets to 30 percent.

* Reducing the capacity of hairdressing and beauty salons to 30%.

* Closing down amusement parks and all entertainment centers in commercial complexes inside closed places, and allowing them to work in open spaces only, with a capacity that does not exceed 30 percent.

* Continuing the work of health clubs and physical training clubs with a capacity not exceeding 30 percent, and the continued provision of massage services in five-star hotels only with a capacity not exceeding 30 percent, and the closure of saunas and steam rooms, jacuzzi services and Moroccan and Turkish baths.

* Closing all indoor swimming pools and indoor water parks, and continuing to operate outdoor swimming pools and outdoor water parks with a capacity not exceeding 30 percent.

* The work of private health care facilities continues to provide all their services.


By Qatar Day - January 29, 2021

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