Qatar Airways Cargo, first to use Gaussin’s zero-emission innovation

Qatar Airways Cargo, first to use Gaussin’s zero-emission innovation By A Robin - April 12, 2022
Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo and Gaussin announced the successful testing and commissioning of the AMDT FULL ELEC automotive multi-directional transporter for air cargo pallets, with production under way for delivery in second quarter of this year.

This multi-directional transporter for airport cargo operations has been developed by Gaussin in close collaboration with Qatar Aviation Services Cargo (the cargo ground handling subsidiary of Qatar Airways Group). It is zero-emissions, 100 percent electric and compatible with all types of unit load devices (ULDs). It has a payload of up to seven tonnes, a battery life of up to six hours and is rechargeable, allowing 24/7 use. The AMDT FULL ELEC serial production version will be assembled in Qatar.

Capable of operating both inside and outside of the cargo terminal within minimal space, the AMDT will reduce the normal footprint required for manoeuvring, resulting in additional storage space and ensuring effective readiness of all cargo to be loaded onto the aircraft. 

Powered by LMP lithium metal polymer batteries capable of operating in high temperatures, the AMDT has been specifically designed for use in the weather conditions of the Middle East. The state-of-the-art equipment includes integrated weighing scales that can check pallet weight against tag weight, in line with Qatar Airways Cargo’s focus on maintaining safety and security within its operations. 

“We at Qatar Airways Cargo are proud to be using this innovation and to have played a part in its design, taking us a step closer to a more sustainable industry. Qatar Airways Cargo is aware of the challenges of tomorrow and is fully committed to building a greener future with its partners,” said Qatar Airways Cargo Chief Officer Cargo, Guillaume Halleux.

Gaussin CEO, Christophe Gaussin said: “Gaussin is pleased to be a partner of Qatar Airways Cargo, supporting it in its sustainable goals through its expertise in designing, assembling and offering smart, connected zero-emissions vehicles for freight transportation.”

Qatar Airways Cargo and Gaussin signed a contract in 2020 for the delivery of six AMDTs including an option for 50 units. The aim is for these transporters to gradually replace the cargo airline’s diesel pallet carriers, marking another step towards Qatar Airways Cargo’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

By A Robin - April 12, 2022

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