Qatar’s first FIFA Master graduate proud to be part of World Cup preparations

Qatar’s first FIFA Master graduate proud to be part of World Cup preparations By A Robin - November 04, 2022
Mead Al Emadi

Mead Al Emadi

The Director of FIFA Fan Festival during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Mead Al Emadi said that she is proud to participate in the preparations for hosting the most important sporting event in the world after long years of dedicated work to organize a historic tournament for the enthusiasts of soccer from over the world.

In an interview with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) website within the "History making" series that sheds the light on the Qatari competencies that have effectively contributed to the process of the preparation for hosting the first edition of the tournament held in the Arab world, Mead Al Emadi the first Qatari to earn the prestigious FIFA Master qualification from FIFA, said that the contribution to organizing the tournament did not cross her mind, albeit she is one of the passionate football fans, however, having the honor to participate in the organization of the tournament is something unimaginable for her, or something similar to a dream that was morphed into reality.

She joined SC in 2012 and held positions in numerous departments over a decade, including departments of social communication and interaction with fans, adding that all folks aspire to represent their countries in a major event such as the word cup, and said that she really loves football, and it represents her current perfect scope of work she always dream of, indicating that she has been very lucky to take part in this global project from the outset, and she was working in beIN channels when Qatar won the right to host FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in December 2, 2010.

Speaking about the first beginning of her work in SC, she said that she had joined a small team that undertakes the implementation of local projects then she was lucky to join the societal communication team, responsible for providing the counselling and organizing the events during the most prominent stations through preparing for hosting the tournament, pointing out that she had also worked in SC volunteering program and was lucky that the field of her work primarily focuses on dealing with people and sharing with them their happiness, smile and pride.

In addition, Mead Al Emadi tackled the challenges she faced during her tenure in SC and was able to overcome numerous obstacles, because she always committed to spreading the spirit of cooperation and promoting the enthusiasm of the work team to further exert the possible efforts to change the negative perspectives about the State of Qatar and the tournament through counting on the wide expertise of the work team whose individuals share one goal and live together in the atmosphere of the world cup.

With regard to the missions vested in her during the anticipated tournament, she indicated that her role includes supervising the management of events in FIFA Fan Festival, one of the most important destinations for entertainment that target the fans during the global tournament, and said that FIFA Fan Festival is located in Al Bidda Park in Doha, and has the capacity to accommodate over 40,000 persons, as FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will see a new launch of festivals to represent a unique destination that hosts diverse recreational events for football fans from over the world, and will receive the tournament fans starting from November 19, 2022, to enjoy the suspenseful times with the giant screens installed to broadcast the live matches directly in the outdoor, in addition to other recreational activities and performances, along with a wide range of food and beverages to ensure impressive times for the fans full of fun and entertainment.

Commenting on the achievements she is proud of during her tenure in SC, she affirmed that watching the completed tournament projects triggers indescribable feelings, adding that when she ventures out in Al Bidda Tower her job site and watches Corniche Street in returning to home, she remembers that she is closely approaching the date of the start of the historic event, which makes her very proud, especially her success in overcoming numerous challenges during the past years, including the criticisms unleashed by some media, and the exceptional circumstances the people lived during COVID-19 pandemic.

In regard to Qatar;s winning the honor to organize the tournament in 2010, Mead Al Emadi said that despite all these years after the announcement of Qatar's winning the right to host the tournament, however, she has incredible feelings when she sees that historic announcement, which is indubitably felt by all people in Qatar, pointing out that she cannot forget that moment when she saw her family members and her mother crying with joy, while kids were loudly screaming with hyperexcitation after the country had won to organize the tournament, adding that such moments are still engraved in her mind.

That minutes are still before me when all people were overwhelmed with feelings of pride on the occasion of unity from all generations, citizens and residents as Qatars victory in organizing the tournament was a strong evidence of the ability to achieve what we dream of, and I am doing my best to participate in hosting a historic event that the whole world is waiting for, she said.

In her closing remarks, Mead Al Emadi addressed young Qatari women at the beginning of their careers, stressing that there are countless opportunities for Qatari women, who enjoy all the support of the wise leadership in the country, as they were keen to provide the latest educational and health systems, as the country continues to attract the best talents and creates space for learning and acquisition of skills.

She gave an advice to every Qatari woman to strive to achieve what she dreams of, even if she does not find her goal in the beginning even if they encounter challenges, calling on every woman in the country to be the driving force for positive change in the community, and to set a good example for the daughters and posterity.

By A Robin - November 04, 2022

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