Python swallows woman whole in Indonesia

Python swallows woman whole in Indonesia By A Robin - June 11, 2024


A missing mother of four was found dead after being swallowed by a python in Indonesia, according to reports.

The victim, who was identified as a 45-year-old woman named Farida, was found Friday, June 7, by her husband and residents of Kalempang village, according to Agence France-Presse.

Search efforts began after the mom failed to return home the previous night, village head Suardi Rosi told the news agency.

After her husband found her belongings, which "made him suspicious" the village searched the area, eventually spotting "a python with a large belly," the village head added.

"They agreed to cut open the python's stomach. As soon as they did, Farida's head was immediately visible," Rosi told the news agency AFP, which reported she was found fully clothed inside the snake.

Video posted byTMZ appeared to show the snake being cut open.

The death marks the fifth person to be eaten by a python in Indonesia since 2017, according to CBS News. However, reports of humans being killed by pythons are not typical.

Speaking with PEOPLE in 2022, after a similar case made headlines across the world, one expert reiterated that these kind of incidents are extremely rare."

"Though there are cases of snakes eating humans, said Bruce Jayne, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cincinnati, the "vast majority" involved very large pythons and people of a "rather small stature."

"It takes pythons a really long time to attain these really enormous sizes," he explained. "As a result, there are actually very few of these really, really large pythons."

Although fatal attacks do happen, for the most part, it's not anything most people need to worry about. "Unless it's a truly gigantic specimen, they're just not much to be scared of if you're an adult human," he added.

By A Robin - June 11, 2024

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